Bukele minimizes Keylor and attacks referee of La Sele vs. The Savior

The president of the Central American nation published a strong message through his official Twitter account

Without mincing words! The president of The Savior, Nayib Bukele went totally against the referee of the match between The Sele and cuscatlecos when considering that the whistler, Said Martinez He “stole the game” from them.

That was how forceful it was through its social networks, specifically Twitter, which has become its preferred communication tool, considered official due to the number of important messages it publishes there.

“The referee stole the game,” he put Nayib bukele who closely follows all the incidents that La Selecta experiences, as it is not the first time that he has published about this bicolor combination.

Nayib Bukele did not put what was the play that ultimately meant that Said MartĂ­nez benefited Costa Rica upon The SaviorMoreover, it was not the only comment he made about the game that at that time was in full process.

He also asserted that the goalkeeper of The Savior, Mario Gonzalez He is a better goalkeeper than the starting goalkeeper of Paris Saint – Germain, Keylor Navas.

To end, Nayib bukele He published that in his opinion the red card shown to Narciso Orellana was not an expulsion and that it was synonymous with the whistle player Said MartĂ­nez “being bought.”

On his official Twitter account, Nayib bukele it is followed by more than three million people.