Brazil would not be local again in their country due to scandal vs Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina /

Tremendous consequences after the scandal! What happened this Sunday in the Brazil vs. Argentina will not be exempt from consequences for Scratch, since according to reports that come from South America, the Conmebol would have decided to remove their local status in the rest of the qualifying rounds to Qatar 2022.

Is the chain TNT Sports which reports from the Arena Sao Paulo, in Brazil, that the South American Confederation would have already ruled that the Brazilian team will not be able to play in their country again in the remainder of the road to the next World Cup, remembering that the Amazonians have barely played 7 of 18 total games.

What happened in Brazil-Argentina?

When the minute 6 between Brazilians and Argentines, Health Agency staff of the Amazonian government interrupted the game to try to remove four Albiceleste players from the field for – allegedly – having violated the rules of stay in the country as they come from the United Kingdom, on which there are severe restrictions for those who want to enter Brazil.

After more than 20 minutes of debate on the pitch between referees, health personnel, players and coaches, it was determined that the Brazil-Argentina was suspended by not reaching an agreement, since the Argentines claimed that if the problem was that there were four elements arrived from England, they should have been detained at the airport or hotel, not with the game already underway.

Delegates from the Health Agency were the ones who entered -some reports indicate that they were armed- to try to remove the Emiliano Martínez, Cristian Romero, Giovani Lo Celso and Emiliano Buendía, all of them from Premier League teams.

The conduct of the government elements caused even slaps with the footballers, so the technical bodies had to intervene to prevent it from happening to more, punctually with Marcos Acuña and Nicolás Otamendi facing one of the delegates.

What games does Brazil have at home?

  • Brazil vs Peru | September 9
  • Brazil vs Uruguay | October 12 °
  • Brazil vs Venezuela | November 2021
  • Brazil vs Paraguay | February 2022
  • Brazil vs Chile | March 2022

Argentina took more than three hours to leave the stadium

Barricaded themselves in their dressing room while the authorities of the Argentine Soccer Association negotiated the “minimum guarantees” necessary to be able to leave the stadium without being pursued on their way out to try to deport the four mentioned players to the United Kingdom, the Selection Albiceleste spent more than three hours in the Arena Sao Paulo until he was able to leave in his direct bus to the airport.