Braking by Endrick

Dsince in january lifted the Copinha as MVP with Palmeiras despite his 15 years, it was learned that key months in his career awaited Endrick. First by the arrival of his professional contract, the main goal, when he turned 16 (July 21); and then for committing to the team with which he will make the leap to Europe when he comes of age. At this point, the latter is taking longer than expected.

Real Madrid is studying an operationwhich is not currently a priority.The plans go through Mbapp and try everything for Haaland. In addition, in strictly sporting terms, the tie with PSG has been the focus of attention, as will the Classic and the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Endrick’s qualities and potential are valued, but There are doubts about the cost of the signing given his youth. Despite the fact that its clause in Palmeiras is, in exchange, about 17 million euros, the final figure will not fall below 25 fixed, to which bonuses will have to be added up to around 45, the approximate amount that is disbursed by Vinicius and Rodrygo.

“Making madridismo fall in love: Endrick, with Vinicius’s shirt, asks for another Champions for Real Madrid

Curiously, the rest of the suitors look carefully at the Bernabu, where a decision has not been made, considering that they are ahead of him. In Spain, to the Barcelona he loves the footballer, whom he invited to the meeting at the Camp Nou with Naples, but its economy is not the most buoyant.

On England begin to move, albeit timidly, and one of the strongest stakeholders, the Chelsea, seems to fall off the table because of the delicate situation he is going through. In London they are protagonists today because of the problems with freezing your accounts and the uncertainty surrounding its next owners.

This is how Endrick, the pearl of Palmeiras, plays: things about Vincius… and Neymar

In France, the PSGthat even received the Brazilian for the first leg of the round of 16 against Real Madrid. However, confidence in his sports director, Leonardo, is in question. The European Catastrophe has put the project in check, which now demands that every effort be devoted to reviving it.

Test with Brazil

As this framework is clarified, Endrick is presented with another spectacular showcase to show off, this with the U-16 of his country. To be in the Montaigu Tournament, in France, which begins next April 12. A magnificent opportunity to continue growing and showing itself to the world.

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Braking by Endrick