Brahim has mirrors

Yes, you can kick the door of Madrid. In fact, recent history shows that kicking is even more efficient than politely calling. Explode with such remarkable performance, that the astonishment of the club reopens the accesses. That’s what Brahim is trying… and he’s on the right track. This summer he will end his loan for two seasons at the Milan; and his numbers are opening the door for him to come back. He participates in a goal every 92 minutes, he is the second highest generator of the team (with an average of 4.16 and only surpassed by Leão) and the third, under 23, of the five major leagues (1.18 for 90 minutes; only Rodrygo and Musiala surpass him). The comeback is being earned. And has examples of what can


Casemiro (2015)

Of all the ‘trips’, his was the one that moved the most money. The summer 2014 was still an emerging promise, alternate in the team that raised the Décima to the sky of Lisbon (in fact, in the final, despite Xabi Alonso being suspended, he did not make the call; the substitute pivot was Illarramendi and the starter, Khedira). He assumed that his best option was to go out and packed his bags for Porto, being an express request of Lopetegui -it was the coach-, who commissioned it as a assignment which cost 600,000 euros.

At the end of the 2012/2013 season he was loaned to Porto, in theory for 2 years, but his good performance the first year made Real Madrid want him back, so from the 2014/2015 season he joined the first Real Madrid team.


Casemiro, during a match with Porto.FABRICE COFFRINIAFP

And in Do Dragao it exploded: he played 41 games and led the blue dragons to the quarterfinals of the Champions, where they fell to Bayern. The Port, with sparks in his eyes, announced that he would pay the 15 million of his purchase option… but Madrid stopped everything. Because he could: if he paid 7.5 million and communicated it before June 5, he had the right to stop it. And Case came back, this time, to become a legend. Because since then he became indisputable and raised four dried apricots plus.

Carvajal (2013)

The boy from the first stone in Valdebebas had to go to Leverkusen. the summer of 2012, despite being one of the brightest diamonds in La Fábrica, he still did not know what it was like to debut with the first team in an official match. And he packed his bags to look for life, leaving sold to Bayer Leverkusen in exchange for 5 million (signed for five seasons). But the deal had three buyback bullets in the chamber.

Carvajal, during his presentation with Bayer Leverkusen.


Carvajal, during his presentation with Bayer Leverkusen.

And the Madrid he did not wait: he fired the first. Diana. If he wanted it back the first summer, he would have to pay 6.5 million (which he did). He brought back a starter in the Under-21s who had played 36 games, scored one goal, given eight assists and chosen best right back in the Bundesliga. A promise that, almost a decade later, is already the fourth captain of the first team and owner of five other Champions.

Blackberry (2016)

The killer de La Fábrica did not have it easy. The 2012-13 he began to get his head into the first team, but he could only catch minute drops before the tyranny of the duopoly Benzema-Higuain. The following year the Argentine left, so he glimpsed that it could be his moment, but the market became a lyon monopoly (He did not reach 1,000 minutes among all competitions). And he decided that the most appropriate thing was to go out. But it was not a transfer, but a sale: Juventus paid 20 million and kept it in property. At that time the forwards of the old lady were Llorente Y You look.

Álvaro Morata, with Juventus.


Álvaro Morata, with Juventus.Bertrand LangloisAFP

Morata quickly took over the position, playing 2,301′ in his first season and scoring 15 goals; a very different situation from the one he had in Madrid, which he eliminated in the semifinals of the Champions League. In Turin he spent a second year, signing 12 goals and enjoying 2,377 minutes. His good work served him to be the starting striker for Spain in the European Championship. And the summer of 2016 arrived, when Madrid paid his 30 million clause to play him back. He only played one more season in white, but in it he won another Champions League.

Valverde (2018)

From substitute in Dépor… to World top (AS broke it down in a report). Madrid paid five million euros to sign the great promise of Peñarol. And he had a hard time starting. The first season was spent in the dynamics of the Castile and youth A (with whom he played the Youth League, falling in the semifinals against Benfica). Solari, then coach of the subsidiary, bet a lot on him as a midfielder, but he did not finish exploding to go up to the first team.

Fede Valverde, during a match with Deportivo de la Coruña.


Fede Valverde, during a match with Deportivo de la Coruña.Getty Images

So he packed his bags looking for one assignment. And he went to Depor of Pepe Mel, with whom he was -mainly- inside left. It wasn’t his most glorious year either: 25 games… and zero goals or assists. The arrival of Parralo to the bench came to displace him, punctually, to the right side. It was a shipwreck: that Dépor went down to Second. But Madrid appreciated a maturity in him and as soon as he returned, they told him that he could stay in the first team. A decision that has justified time: today is the day is valued at 80 million and it is very proprietary.

Lucas Vazquez (2015)

One last example in recent history would be the extreme… lateral. other product from Factory that, faced with the impossibility of playing with the ‘elders’, He left on loan for a season to Espanyol. It was 2014-15, with Sergio González on the bench. Of the 46 games that the parakeets had to face, he played 39. And of the seven that were lost, only three were due to a technical decision (two of them, breaks in the Cup; of the other four, three had discomfort and one was warned).

Lucas Vazquez, with Espanyol.


Lucas Vazquez, with Espanyol.Getty Images

His summary in numbers is outstanding: It was the fourth of the squad that played the most (3,189′; only surpassed by Kiko Casilla, Sergio García and Álvaro González). He scored four goals and gave seven assists. A memorable season for Espanyol, Cup semi-finalists (eliminated by Athletic) and tenth in the League, just 6 points behind Europe. Espanyol exercised their purchase option and for about three weeks, Lucas was their own footballer; but Madridshortly after, he paid around one million to get it back. The rest is history.

And Brahim…?

The man from Malaga has before him the challenge to enter this club. That of the footballers who first found the door closed and, after leaving, returned to stay. He has a contract with Madrid until June 2025 and will return this summer. It would be one more alternative for Ancelotti’s spinal cord, who with modric on the verge of 38 years and Kroos, doubtful about his future, begins to demand future legs. In that lathe they have already entered Tchouameni, Camavinga… and Bellingham could do it. At par, squeeze for your chance Brahimwhich has examples of yes, you can.

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Brahim has mirrors