Bolivia – Peru in live | South American qualifiers 2022 | Mark


Good night Everybody! Another Sunday full of football that culminates with the South American qualifiers heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. While the final of the Nations League We traveled to the other side of the pond to live a Bolivia-Peru, crucial to the aspirations of both if they want to go to the world of the next year. A Peru that, after beat Chile in Lima, arrives with raised spirits and keeps alive his illusion of classifying as fifth in the group, while Bolivia sinks deeper and deeper after losing to Ecuador, but it is not mathematically out.

First we go with the locals. Bolivia, with six points, is penultimate in the standings. Of his last ten games he has only been able to win one, against Venezuela in June. Of course César Farías has a lot of work ahead of him to be able to move forward with that situation and return to being that rocky rival. It also has a plus point: height. The stadium Hernando Siles, situated in Peace, has nothing more and nothing less than 3,577 meters above sea level and all teams suffer from altitude sickness every time they go to play.

Peruinstead, it reaches Peace after beating chili and gets into the fight for him fifth place that would give him an option for the play-off. He has eleven points, he is seventh in the classification, three points from Colombia. You must get the three points as it is from Bolivia, since the next game is in Buenos Aires against Argentina… but ‘La Blanquirroja’ has never won in Bolivia. We will see.

Everything is ready so that at 22.00 the duel begins in the Bolivian height. Gareca against Farías, Bolivia against Peru. The world up for grabs with all the excitement of the South American qualifiers. We started!