‘Bolillo’ Gómez: ‘When I arrived in Honduras I said that the margin of error was minimal and today we are out of the World Cup’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo

The coach of the Honduras National Team, Hernán “Bolillo” GómezHe said that he liked the operation of the Bicolor, but regretted that they continue to make specific mistakes that have been going on for a long time. He already threw in the towel after the defeat in San José after falling 1-2 against a Costa Rica that he did not forgive when he had the chance.

The Colombian says he signed a contract until 2026 and will now meet with the leaders of the Fenafuth to be able to develop a work plan. It will continue to give the opportunity to experienced and young players to be able to put together the project towards the other World Cup.


We didn’t deserve to lose: “The game that Honduras plays is good, important, subduing the opponent, subduing the opposite, well worked and with great difficulty in the aerial game. Honduras cannot forgive and we do not charge. In the end they manage to put us in the last part of the game, but the Honduran game advanced. “

How you define the night of San José: “In work, elaboration, and in order we did it well. We could not have distraction and difficulties in the passing game that we could not control to get results. We did not make changes because someone was wrong in the operation but they were spent and we tried to refresh to the team. Honduran soccer is very good and now it is going through difficult times. But this was a better game than the past. “

What’s next for Honduras: “When I arrived in Honduras I said that the margin of error was minimal and I think we are out of the World Cup. I explained to the managers that I needed a long process. I look at things, I will meet with the leaders to develop a work plan and continue fighting with dignity. There are no friendlies and the National Team must be respected, we must continue working. Today we subdued the rival and we scored three goals in two games, but today we had to finish the game and we didn’t. “

The changes that have to come: “We have been learning more. Today the players showed things that gave us hope for the future. Changes still have to be thought about and they have to exist, but we have to keep working.”

The plan for the 2026 World Cup: “You have to look for friendly matches because football continues, Gold Cups are coming and you have to build good championships because if you have to continue giving work to this Honduran National Team.”

Close the tie with honor: “We are going to look at what is coming. There are players with a journey that help train young people but we are going to face the rest of the tie with responsibility.”


Bryan acosta, one of those who played a great game through tears said: “I feel helpless, we deserved more today. The truth is that we thought we would be happy, we had everything and at the end of the game we received another bitter drink. We are speechless,” said Acosta.

Romell Quioto was another who spoke and said: “I don’t know what this National Team will be paying, I don’t know what Honduras will be paying. It is not possible that in all the matches of this tie we will lose them in the last minutes; we do not defend well, we are not attentive in the last minutes … the matches They are not 90 minutes, they are 95 or 100, but this is over and it only remains to think about what is coming. “


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‘Bolillo’ Gómez: ‘When I arrived in Honduras I said that the margin of error was minimal and today we are out of the World Cup’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo