Bofo Bautista: In Chivas the players do not commit to not closing the doors in America

Faced with the possible transfer of Uriel Antuna to America, Bofo Bautista criticized the players who do not commit to the Guadalajara club so as not to close the doors with the Coapa team

Former Chivas footballer, Adolfo Bautista He assured that currently the Guadalajara footballers do not want to commit to the team and then not close the door to America or another club in the future, emphasizing that he would have preferred to finish his career rather than play for the azulcrema team.

“I am Chiva at heart and many players do not commit to saying that because they say: ‘I am not saying it because maybe later I will play with the Wilos or another team’ personally it did not hurt me to say it as long as I am Chiva at heart, I would never be in the two teams and I was not in America and Atlas.

– Would you rather retire than be in America or Atlas? – interviewer

-Yes, of course, I played in other teams and represented the shirt and they knew it was Chiva, but it represented that shirt, “he said.

The same way, The ‘Bofo’ emphasized that there are footballers in Chivas who do not understand what it means to play in Guadalajara, since some elements were figures in other clubs, when they arrive at the Sacred Flock the pressure sinks them.

In Chivas all the games are important, but obviously the classics are played at greater intensity and that is not how many players who come to Chivas have understood it.Players have arrived who were really figures in other teams and when they arrive at Chivas and the pressure sinks them, that is why wearing the Chivas shirt has a lot of personality “, he highlighted in the ‘Al control’ podcast. In the end, he ruled out that it is the institution that does not allow footballers to speak, since he pointed out that the current Chivas player does not want to compromise, unlike what was previously done in his time.

It is not that they do not let them talk, it is that they do not want to compromise, maybe before when Jorge Vergara was there, many criticized him when he made statements because he turned on the classics and the games, but it was good for me because those kinds of games are played by the players and they have to show it on the court, I didn’t say that I was going to score two or three goals, I showed it by giving a good performance or scoring a goal and with that he was silent, ”he concluded.


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Bofo Bautista: In Chivas the players do not commit to not closing the doors in America