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The fans expressed their opinion from the stands when the voice of the stadium reviewed the 11 starters of the Xeneize against Platense. There were applause, some murmurs and a standing ovation for Agustín Rossi.

  • With a decisive Romero, Boca added three to his people again

mouth vs. Platense

Beyond the cataract of criticism and insults that usually appear on social networks when Mouth loses and exhibits a lackluster version on the playing field -as happened last Sunday in Paraná-, the fan knows that he is going to La Bombonera to encourage and spend his throat on the boards. It is common, however, that there are footballers who arouse more applause than others. And so it was in the prelude to the clash with Platense.

Minutes before Yael Falcón Pérez’s first whistle, the voice of the stadium reviewed the starting team outlined by Hugo Ibarra. Without red frames for a tear or Darius Benedetto due to a sprained ankle from which he has not yet recovered 100%, few players made the stands roar when they were announced over the loudspeakers.

The village boster reddened his palms for various proper namesas a sign of banking and approval, although for others he decided to remain silent and even let out some tiny insult under his breathof those that are absorbed by the cement and do not fall like daggers on the green grass of the temple xeneize.

VIDEO: the applause meter of La Bombonera in Boca vs. Platense

The people of Boca expressed themselves and thus received the starters and substitutes against Platense.


The people of Boca expressed themselves and thus received the starters and substitutes against Platense.

Boca’s applause meter: the most applauded and criticized players in La Bombonera

Agustin Rossi: He lifted people up just highlighted his image on the big screen on the court and he was the only applause of the night. Although his contract at the club ends on June 30, 2023 and the Football Council, with John Roman Riquelme at the head, ended the talks for the renewal, the fan raised his voice and from the tribune of the Riachuelo they gave him a rousing ovation.

Luis Advincula: The Peruvian winger gradually gained the confidence of the Boca world. The fans today highlight his effort and his deployment on the right wing of the defense.

Carlos Zambrano: The Peruvian defender, who missed Patronato’s first goal in Paraná and appeared in the photo of several rivals in recent times, has not yet managed to convince the blue and gold people. Some applause and murmurs were heard in the background, but most of the fans preferred to remain silent.

Facundo Roncaglia: the experienced defender returned to the club where he was born after a decade and it was well received by La Bombonera, which melted into general applause.

Agustin Sandez: He is a kid who emerged from the Inferiores who always responded and the fan lets him know. There were shouts and loud applause for the Gusawho occupied the left lift to replace Frank Fabra.

William Fernandez: was not the most applauded of the night against Squidbut it did not generate indifference either. With black ankle boots and an elegant stride, Pol usually arouses praise and glances for his clarity when playing and he is respected by the fan, but he never managed to forge a closer bond.

Alan Varela: after Rossi, the midfielder was the one who received the most recognition from the fans. They broke their palms and their throats to value the kidwho not only scores in the central circle but also plays and roams the large area.

Juan Ramirez: the wound caused by the missed penalty against Corinthians in the Copa Libertadores still hasn’t healed and some murmurs and whistles came down from the stands for the left-handed midfielderwho fails to assert himself in the middle of the field or demonstrate the conditions that Riquelme highlighted some time ago.

Oscar Romero: Although the Paraguayan driver received him with moderate applause when the voice of the stadium named him, the popular clamor for the N°10 of Mouth was increasing throughout Saturday, taking into account his great performance against Platense, the one who marked two goals. One of them through an exquisite free kick. A caress to the angle that made explode The twelve.

Sebastian Villa: the Colombian winger generated various reactions in the public. There is no consensus. many applauded when his name was heard in the corners of Alberto J. Armando, although the vast majority decided to keep quiet or even throw a couple of complaints into the air for their lack of ideas to finish the offensive plays.

Luis Vazquez: the bomber from Entre Ríos, who in the last few hours added a new European suitor like Genk from Belgium, is another of the youngsters who always generates noise in the stands and receives the affection of the people. For his goals and his tireless sacrifice in attack.

The ones that generated the most reaction in the Boca bank

Hugo Ibarra: the Black was received with indifference by the fan. Some applauded him, while others preferred to remain silent when the voice of the stadium named him. Although he is loved and respected, he has yet to earn the trust of the people from his role as coach of the first team.

Aaron Mills: the elegant flounce emerged from the lower divisions of the Xeneize drew some applause from the audience. Although he is not a starter for Ibarra and from time to time he enters to contribute his game in the second half, the fans are fond of the jewel with the black ankle boots.

Exequiel Zeballos: the monkey Without a doubt, he was one of the most pampered of the night: La Bombonera recognized him beyond not having added a minute on the ground. Once again it was shown that the fan banks him to death and considers him one of the great bastions of the institution.

The applause meter in La Bombonera before Boca vs. Platense


The applause meter in La Bombonera before Boca vs. Platense

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