Blue Cross vs. Pumas UNAM – Match Report – April 12, 2022 – ESPN

The feline team will play its fifth Concacaf final, after drawing goalless against the sky-blue squad in the second leg semifinal and advancing with a 2-1 aggregate.

MEXICO (ESPN) — Cougars managed to qualify for its fifth final of the Concacaf club tournament after beating 2-1 Blue Cross on the global scoreboard. The Azteca Stadium, which hosted the return, did not have the goal shout, but witnessed an exciting game, in which the university students suffered the expulsion of Arturo Ortiz at minute 63, in addition to the fact that the VAR took away a penalty, but not the ticket to the duel for the championship.

The feelings of the fans began with an up and down from the fourth minute, when Juan Dinenno took a long-range shot that went close to Sebastián Jurado’s goal, but just at 10 ‘, La Maquina responded with a header from Adrián Aldrete.

The first clear action came at 16′, after a filtered pass by Uriel Antuna left Ignacio Rivero in front of Alfredo Talavera, but the Uruguayan over-crossed his shot and went off the side of the university goal.

The felines were not far behind and at 19′, Juan Dinenno took advantage of Diogo de Oliveira’s speed to put in a deep pass, the same one that the Brazilian arrived at and took a cross shot that Sebastián Jurado saved with a spectacular flight.

Cougars missed a pass after a corner kick in his favor, same as Blue Cross took the opportunity to start a counterattack with the speed of Uriel Antuna who, before Alan Mozo’s mark, waited for Iván Morales to arrive, but when he was in front of Alfredo Talavera he flew his shot at 20′.

The visiting team closed the first half with the clearest scoring moves, even at 33′ they annulled a goal by Leonel López for offside and at 37′, Arturo Ortiz missed an unmarked header in front of the goal cement plant

Cougars He opened the second half with a counterattack at 47′ that ended with a shot by Juan Dinenno that went past Sebastián Jurado’s goal, who followed the ball with an anguished look at the closeness.

Juan Reynoso moved his pieces and at 59′ sent Santiago Giménez and Christian Tabó onto the pitch, who came on for Rafael Baca and Iván Morales.

The changes paid off just four minutes later, when Santiago Giménez beat the defenders of Cougars and he was outlined only against Alfredo Talavera, but just before entering the rival area, Arturo Ortiz knocked him down, for which ‘Palermo’ was expelled at 63′.

The VAR appeared at 75′ to annul an alleged penalty after a sweep by Adrián Aldrete on Diogo de Oliveira, but the whistler Mario Escobar, after reviewing the action, canceled the action.

After the expulsion of Arturo Ortiz and with little time on the clock, Cougars took a defensive stance, while Blue Cross he went on the attack. However, La Maquina lacked the imagination to open up the university students, who left the Azteca Stadium with the ticket to the Concacaf Champions League final.

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Blue Cross vs. Pumas UNAM – Match Report – April 12, 2022 – ESPN