Bild’s warning to Messi with the Galacticos

Super teams are set to win, but history has shown that they don’t always win. Or that they do not earn everything expected for names, quality and people on the field. In football, the best example is the first to be formed on that basis: Los Galacticos.

Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo, Raúl, Casillas, Roberto Carlos, Figo … A series of players of the highest level met at the Bernabéu for a few years, but the Champions League, La Décima, which was the great goal, never came.

More recent are the City and PSG that make up super squads (now more ‘thought’ than before) in search of a European crown that has resisted them both in consecutive years. Now, with the arrival of Messi, Paris Saint-Germain is going to make up the closest thing to the Galacticos since the Galacticos. Leo, Neymar, Mbappe, if he stays, Sergio Ramos, Donnarumma, Icardi, Verratti … The list is endless in a super-team, which with Messi would go a step further.

In Bild they see the Parisians capable of gathering so much talent, but they warn that this will not ensure the Champions League. “The glamor of the team is very reminiscent of that of Real Madrid in the 2003/2004 season. At that time, the Spanish had just signed David Beckham for 37.5 million euros from Man United. So with Ronaldo, Luís Figo, Raúl and Zinédine Zidane, the royal family finally became the galactic one. But together they never reached the stars … “, he recalls about the consequent eliminations in the Champions League of Real Madrid.

Messi knows what it is to win with Neymar

Messi will be reunited there with Neymar, his friend and former teammate at Barcelona. According to L’Equipe the agreement is closed and both will rejoin. Argentine and Brazilian if they knew how to win the Champions League in Barcelona and will seek to give it to PSG.