Berny Ulloa: “The Mexican Federation always asks for punishments for everyone”

Berny Ulloa The Mexican Federation always asks for punishments for

The World Cup referee in Mexico 86 considers that Ricardo Montero’s disqualification borders on exaggeration

The controversy over the refereeing performance of Ricardo Montero in the opening game of the gold Cup Come in Mexico Y Trinidad and Tobago it is still rampant in Aztec territory.

The last situation that arose was that the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) asked CONCACAF that the Costa Rican whistler be disqualified from the tournament in the region for what they consider a disastrous performance where striker Hirving Lozano was injured after he was pushed by a Trinidadian defender and fell right with his face against his legs goalkeeper Marvin Philip, which caused a severe injury to the player and even had to attend a medical center for a diagnosis.

Despite the strength of the play, Montero did not penalize and the Mexicans did not save anything at that time with strong claims towards him and this Monday they presented their direct discontent with the higher entity.

“We are waiting for a response from Concacaf, to know if it is disabled or not, and for how many games,” explained Yon de Luisa, president of the FMF.

ESPN consulted with Berny ulloa, World Cup referee in Mexico 1986 to find out if he considers that the request of the Aztec federation takes place, to which he replied:

“The referee in the injury is not to blame, he is to blame because he did not sanction the penalty, the push exists and that caused him to hit the goalkeeper, unfortunately for the referee, the injured player but by regulation he is not at fault, he should have punish the penalty and the other (lozano) hits the goalkeeper, here they have to punish the player, not the referee, “he said.

What Ulloa means is that Ricardo Montero was wrong in that situation and in others in the handling of the game, but having sanctioned the lack of a penalty would not have prevented the injury of Hirving Lozano and since he was the most important figure of the selection Mexican makes the matter even more complicated.

“The FMF He always asks for punishments for everyone, of course, it is as if I were directing a game and Messi and Maradona were there and they injured me, if you let the violence grow you are the culprit, “he explained.

“That was an easy game to direct because it was a one-sided game, you had to take care that no kicks were hit, that there was no serious foul play, nothing more,” he added.

Berny ulloa recognizes that FMF has power in CONCACAF and it would not be surprising if in one way or another Ricardo Montero was excluded from continuing to referee in the gold Cup, either with a public sanction or with a measure taken from the discretion and not granting him more parties to lead.