Benzema returns very ‘renewed’

Benzema returns very renewed

Karim Benzema is another of those who joins Real Madrid training today together with his teammate Raphael Varane. The forward does it very renewed for several reasons: for his return to the national team and the Eurocup, in which he finished as the team’s top scorer with four goals and one of the top gunners of the competition, and because he also does it already renewed by the

white club although it has not been made official.

Benzema certainly faces a special season.

From now on, the player has to plan each campaign thinking about the

Real Madrid,

but now he will leave with his country in each pair of selections like the rest of the internationals,

something I haven’t done since October 2015.

His return has left everyone satisfied. TO

Deschamps, the Federation and its president, Nol Le Gret,

and his teammates and the player himself. It is more,

from the FFF

Some reproaches have been heard, but in the opposite direction, because perhaps the coach should have called up the Real Madrid player earlier to reach the Euro much more adapted to the team and vice versa. The challenge is important because

Benzema played practically everything

and now Madrid knows that it will need a warranty replacement, something that was not happening in recent years despite the departure of


. Karim took the baton and has always been there so as not to miss all appointments. Benzema takes care of himself like the most,

your fitness data always stands out in recent years

because he works like the most in Valdebebas and later with an individualized work at home, and he is clear that he is ready to face a more demanding year. Karim also faces this season,

his thirteenth in white already

, with the peace of mind of having your future assured in the

White House until 2023

. The player,

as MARCA progressed last April,

reached an agreement with the club for one more season, as is now their custom, and when the two parties see the best moment they will make it official. Benzema has already been working this vacation to join the group dynamics as soon as possible.

It is the nine of Ancelotti whoever comes.

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