Benzema is left out of the ideal eleven and his agent explodes against FIFA

Karim Benzema has been left out of FIFA’s eleven of the year, which has been announced at The Best awards. Despite the fact that the madridista was among the eleven finalists for the award and that he has experienced the best year of his sports career, it has not even been enough to be among the best. At the point of attack, FIFA has included Messi, Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo and Erling Haaland. This has blown up Karim Jaziri, player’s agent.

Not putting Benzema in the eleven of the year is disrespectful to football, but we know that football is the least of FIFA’s concerns, and it has been for a long time!“Writes the Real Madrid striker’s agent on his Twitter account.

Surprisingly, neither the Frenchman nor Mohamed Salah, third in the prize, have sneaked into the starting eleven. What is the reason that explains this apparent nonsense? The voting system is quite different. While the final award is decided with a 25% participation by national team captains, coaches, journalists and fans, the best line-up is chosen by the players themselves.

FIFA makes available to professional footballers a voting system in which more than 25,000 people participate each year. In this way, without there being an expert committee filter as marked by The Best award, there is a greater possibility of alternatives.. In addition, the vote is freer, in the sense that it is not simply the task of the captains.

The voting process began last August, after the end of the Olympic Games, and lasted until October: five weeks. It is possible that this is one of the main reasons why Benzema is not in the best eleven. The Real Madrid striker closed the season without titles and this has started at its highest level. However, this has barely been noticeable in the voting, because it took place at the same time as the campaign started.

Another of the big doubts is where the 1-3-3-4 formation that is seen in the starting eleven of 2022 comes from. At first glance, it may seem like it’s a way to round out the roster, putting the best players in the world into it. However, it is not the real reason: the three most voted for each position are included and the line that has four is the one whose fourth most elected has the most votes.

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Benzema is left out of the ideal eleven and his agent explodes against FIFA