Benzema doesn’t bite his tongue

Karim Benzema does not know, cannot or does not want to bite his tongue when talking about the possibility of playing alongside Kylian Mbappé at Real Madrid. Despite the fact that from the white club it had slipped that it was going to try to temper bagpipes and not give reasons to PSG to hit Madrid again in the media, Benzema was consulted yesterday by TVE about the possibility of sharing a dressing room with his compatriot As of July 2022 and on the 9th of Real Madrid, he was sincere: “I enjoy him in the national team, why not in the future? He is a great player, although for the moment we have to respect his team ”. Insisted by his desire to play with Mbappé, side by side and in white, Benzema repeated: “Why not? I’ve said it before, and I can say it again. Of course, one day it will happen ”.

This is not the first time that Benzema has clearly positioned himself, asking destiny and the market for Mbappé to join Real Madrid as soon as possible; it could be last summer, but PSG blocked his exit and refused to enter into a negotiation (he had an offer of 200 million on the table), so everything now happens due to the termination of the current contract of the Parisian and that it arrives free in Madrid, freed from the chains of the Parque de los Príncipes.

“Mbappé will play for Real Madrid sooner or later. We get along very well, I would like him to be with me in Madrid already ”, explained Karim on September 2, once it was official that PSG had vetoed his sale. He relapsed on September 5: “That Madrid wants to sign him is no longer a secret. I would have liked him to come for this course now, but as I said, he will come sooner or later “. In the Inter-Madrid preview, from the San Siro stadium, he preferred to distance himself and avoid further commotion: “We know which player he is, but I have already spoken a lot about that.” But on October 2, in L’Équipe, he returned to his old ways: “He said it himself, he wants something more (in reference to Mbappé’s interviews in the French newspaper itself and in RMC Sports). One day he will play for Real Madrid. I don’t know when, but it will come. It is a question of time ”.

Benzema speaks, Leonardo responds

Statements like these and the one that Florentino Pérez made during his visit to El Debate (“Let’s hope that as of January 1 the Mbappé situation will be resolved”) hurt the pride of PSG, who counterattacked days ago through the mouth of its sports director, Leonardo: “In the same week, a Madrid player (Benzema), then the coach (Ancelotti) and now the Madrid president talk about Kylian as if he were already one of them. It is a lack of respect that cannot be tolerated ”.

Benzema cannot help it, his experience with France since he returned to the national team invites him to think that, playing hand in hand with Mbappé every week, Great things can happen: Kylian assisted Karim in three of the six goals he has scored for Bleus after his re-entry; in the Nations League final against Spain they starred in the French arreón that turned the scoreboard after the break.