Barcelona SC suffers a painful fall at the Maracana against Flamengo for the Copa Libertadores, but now awaits a rematch | Football | sports

The canaries played the entire second half with 10 players due to the expulsion of Nixon Molina for a double warning.

Barcelona SC returns from Brazil with an adverse balance: two goals against and an expulsion, but still has latent hope of being able to overcome the mark (2-0) against Flamengo, next Wednesday in the second leg of the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores of America.

A good start in the first 10 minutes, in which Gonzalo Mastriani almost shot goalkeeper Daniel Alves, were diluted when Flamengo took control of the stage.

Two goals

At 6 minutes, from a corner kick after Riveros struggles with the rear, he had a rebound for Mastriani, but his left was blocked by goalkeeper Alves.

But at 21 minutes, Bruno Henrique rose to the side of the goal and made a cross-headed goal so easy that he defeated goalkeeper Javier Burrai’s reaction capacity.

The same Bruno Henrique returned to disturb Burrai at 34 minutes, but luckily for the yellow goalkeeper, his header in front of the goal hit the frame of the goal.

And there was a moment, when Barcelona got distracted, and Flamengo’s attackers began to gain space, to the point that Pereira was encouraged to launch a medium-distance shot that hit the horizontal.

Without letting Barcelona react, Vitinho started an attack, leaving Riveros behind, making a wall with Gabriel Barbosa, he crossed a shot and once again Bruno Henrique got away with it for 2-0.

At the end of the first half, while the ‘Fla’ added two goals, Barcelona had a player subtracted due to the expulsion of Nixon Molina, after receiving a second yellow.

The last 20 minutes were consumed between frictions, obstacles, changes of players and even an expulsion action, in Leo Pereira he ended up leaving the court after the review in the VAR of an elbow that he gave Luis León, while they waited for the execution of a free throw.

Flamengo and Barcelona will meet again next Wednesday in Guayaquil. The winner of the series will be beaten in the final with the winner of the Brazilian key between Palmeiras and Atlético Mineiro, who drew 0-0 in the first leg. (D)