Barcelona SC cannot beat Wanderers and says goodbye to the Copa Sudamericana early | Soccer | Sports

He started strongly and created goal situations from the first minute of the game but it was not enough. Barcelona SC tied goalless in their visit to Montevideo Wanderers, this Wednesday at the Centenario stadium, and did not get the score to displace Lanús from first place and thus get into the round of 16 of the 2022 South American Cup.

The yellows, driven by the speed of Adonis Preciado and the sharp Carlos Garcés, looked for the first entry from the start.

Preciado tested the resistance of goalkeeper Mauro Silveira with a furious shot from the right before the first minute (26 seconds) was up.

Garcés smashed his head into the crossbar and gave Silveira another scare with a placed shot that went wide. All this before minute 4.

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The best moments of the Uruguayan team came in the 12th and 17th minutes. Nicolás Quagliata defined without success inside the small area and the scorer Mauro Méndez could not face the great bilge of goalkeeper Javier Burrai. The rebound was rejected just by Jeison Mina to avoid a reply.

A free kick by Jonathan Perlaza went close to horizontal in the 36th minute.

In the second half, the intensity of the coaching team decreased due to Jorge Célico.

The complement began with Burrai saving his goal, after a shot by Emiliano Tellechea in the 51st minute.

Michael Carcelén received a strategic pass from Jonathan Perlaza from the wing and the lanky midfielder hit him very badly, throwing the ball far from the goal (54 min). A minute later the same player again missed the opportunity to open the scoring with a header.

Célico made the first changes in the 66th minute: Isaac Delgado for Bruno Piñatares and Leonai Souza for Adonis Preciado, and tried to adjust in attack in the 82nd with the entry of Gonzalo Mastriani for Jonathan Perlaza. But nothing reached.

The parallel victory of Lanús in Buenos Aires 1-0 against Metropolitans eliminated them both.

In the South American Cup, only the first of each group qualify for the round of 16.

Group A ended with Lanús with 11 points, Barcelona SC with 9, Wanderers with 8 and Metropolitanos with 3.

The Ecuadorian team did not manage to overcome months ago the playoff phase of the Copa Libertadores and neither the first round of the South American. (D)

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Barcelona SC cannot beat Wanderers and says goodbye to the Copa Sudamericana early | Soccer | Sports