Barcelona cedes Trincao to Wolverhampton … Umtiti and Pjanic follow

BARCELONA – Barcelona announced this Sunday an agreement with Wolverhampton for the transfer of Francisco Trincao During a season the English club, which will take care of his salary, in June 2022 will have a preferential purchase option, not mandatory, and the amount of which was not disclosed.

With the departure of Trincao sentenced, the Camp Nou continues to work at full speed with the thinning of the workforce, and their salaries, presenting themselves on the plane as urgent cases to solve those of Samuel Umtiti Y Miralem Pjanic, to whom the Barça club is willing to provide the letter of freedom immediately.

All the operations in which Barcelona works are aimed at accommodating the contract that has been prepared for Leo Messi, officially free from June 30 and for whose registration without financial risks Barça needs to adapt.

That of the Portuguese extreme is the third exit closed in recent days by Barça, who has already completed the transfer of Jean-Clair Todibo to Nice for 8.5 million fixed euros plus some variables of another 7.5 and terminated the contract of Matheus fernandes, although in the case of the Brazilian midfielder it will be necessary to see the compensation that he will have to pay.

The most immediate objective now focuses on the transfer of Junior firpo to Leeds United, pending the medical examination to which the full-back in England must undergo and for whose sale the Barça club will enter 15 million euros, of which about three million will be for Betis, which reserved a percentage of its transfer when he sold it to Barcelona in the summer of 2019.

Barça signed Trincao in January 2020, from Sporting de Braga and for 31 million euros after his emergence during the first half of the 2019-20 season and extending him a five-season contract from July 2020 with a termination clause of 500 million euros.

The significance of the Portuguese winger at the Camp Nou during this last season, however, was far from what was expected. Present in 42 official matches, he was only a starter in 10 of them, completing only two and scoring three goals in the 1,316 minutes that he remained on the pitch, becoming for months one of the footballers indicated in the exit operation that he must carry out the Barca.

The collaboration of Jorge Mendes, who has a lot of growth in Wolverhampton and maintains a good relationship with Joan Laporta, is understood to be fundamental in this agreement for Trincao, whose departure, from the outset, will save the Barça club close to 6 million euros in concept salary.


one week before the squad begins the preseason, Barça’s objective is focused on continuing to balance numbers in terms of the decrease in its salary mass. And not only in what refers to reductions in the chips of several players but, more importantly, in solving the departure of footballers who do not enter the club’s sports plans and whose emoluments are understood to be especially burdensome.

The two clearest, not unique, and urgent cases are those of Samuel Umtiti and Miralem Pjanic. According to various information, both have been offered a letter of freedom that, at the moment, has not been accepted by the two players.

In the case of the French, the solution could go through a termination encouraged with compensation considering that he has two seasons remaining on his contract whose total salary for the club is close to 40 million euros.

If Umtiti accepted the formula by collecting part of a year’s salary, he could freely negotiate with another club and aspire to a transfer bonus with which to somehow balance his emoluments, although, for the moment, there is no response in the offices. Pjanic, for his part, is waiting. Just like the club does with Philippe Coutinho, attentive to his full recovery to speed up contacts with other clubs that are interested in him.