Barça dreams of three stars … and two are Real Madrid targets

“Olmo, the goal, Haaland, the dream and Pogba, the opportunity”. This is how it goes this Sunday Sports world, in an article in which Barcelona’s market plans are outlined. The headline is more than clear. To by Dani Olmo they were already in August, but economic conditions did not allow for frills. They understand that in January it will be complicated and the final round will be in summer.

RB Leipzig gave the player permission to negotiate with his childhood club, since the Spanish international trained in La Masía, before joining the Croatian Dinamo Zagreb. The financial situation paused the operation, but Olmo said ‘yes’ immediatelyata and, as the Catalan media adds, the contractual conditions, in the absence of closing salary, are approved and I would sign for five seasons.

Talking about Haaland, is the killer how much does the club need, but the 90 million that his signing will cost and the high competition, in addition to the premium that would have to enter Mino Raiola, complicate the operation. The representative of the Norwegian cyborg, on his walk through Europe, made a stop in Barcelona this summer, to see first-hand the direction they would take in Can Barça now that Laporta was back in the presidential chair. In this case, Real Madrid would be, together with PSG, the biggest rival in his hiring, since it is, together with Mbappé, the signing marked in red on the white roadmap for 2022.

While Pogba’s case, as long as he doesn’t renew the contract that expires in June, is presented as an opportunity. However, the bidders that the French will have, more reaching zero cost, will be as or more powerful than those of the Norwegian. Also appearing Madrid again on the scene. Without forgetting a Juventus that Raiola himself has placed in the race with his latest statements.

Optimism to get resources

Eduard Romeu, economic vice-president of Barcelona, ​​and Joan Laporta are optimistic looking ahead to 2022, economically speaking. “For the club to be in the transfer market again next season, I do not see too much problem to obtain the resources,” Romeu said recently in RAC1. That these are the objectives of the club shows it. Although it adds spice to the matter three cracks on the Blaugrana radar … and two of them are also on Real Madrid’s …