Bale’s countdown

The countdown begins for Gareth Bale on his return to Real Madrid. The Welsh player may end his 2020-21 season after the defeat of his team against Denmark in the round of 16 of the European Championship (0-4) and now they begin their summer holidays before facing what will be their last year of contract with Real Madrid. Like the rest of the footballers who are immersed in some competition (Eurocup or America’s Cup), Bale now has 21 days, so his return should be on July 18; when it falls on a Sunday, the day the team is probably resting, the most normal thing will be to see Bale again in Valdebebas on Monday, July 19.

That, of course, if there is no news regarding its future before. And it is that Bale himself made some enigmatic statements before starting the Eurocup in which he called at the end of his participation in the tournament to explain what he expects from his future: “I know what I’m going to do, but it would create chaos if I said so. I won’t say anything until after the Euro.” The reality is that Bale ends his contract with Madrid in June 2022 and, regardless of your wishes, if the club decides that it wants you to play in white this coming season, it must do so.

In fact, the messages coming out from the club in the past weeks have been very positive when it comes to referring to the Welshman. Carlo Ancelotti himself, the new white coach and who already directed Bale in two courses during his previous stage in Madrid, was optimistic in his presentation about what to expect from the British: “He has not played much in the Premier this year, but when has done has scored many goals. I know him very well, if he has the right motivation he can have a great season, I have no doubts. “

Days later, Bale responded to these words with others of clear praise for the Italian, giving off the feeling that the reunion, despite episodes in the past that revealed differences between the two, has the approval of both parties: “I know Carlo, he is a great coach. I get along quite well with him, we had good times in the past. But I haven’t spoken to him yet. He’s a great guy, we had an amazing time with him. I’m sure it will be great to have him at the helm. We saw each other in a game against Everton, we hugged and talked for a while, it was a good talk. We will have a conversation after the Euro, for sure. I get along really well with him”.

Florentino bets on Bale

And the icing on the cake was Florentino Pérez in his recent interview in Onda Cero’s ‘El Transistor’, in which he spoke of Bale as if he had already been confirmed who is going to stay this year at Madrid: “Is a great player. I remember the finals that you have won. In my opinion, he is one of the great players in Europe. Each one is as it is, it has its own personality. The last thing I remind him of is that, in Kiev, he throws a scissors and scores a goal. And then dial another. And the head butt in Lisbon. That race against Barcelona in Valencia in the Copa del Rey. If I would like him to stay? I love you all”.

The reality is that Madrid is not able to discard players with the ability to score and Bale is undoubtedly one of those players: This season, playing irregularly at Tottenham, he has scored 16 goals in 1,667 minutes. The reason for his departure from Madrid last year, on loan to the London team, was none other than his terrible relationship with Zidane; after the departure of the Frenchman, Madrid is not opposed to him continuing in white to play his last year of contract at Madrid. Although his salary (30 million gross) continues to condition a lot the white accounts and if an offer were to arrive, it would undoubtedly be studied. But today everything indicates that Bale will once again wear the Madrid elastic band. As of July 19, he will parade through Valdebebas again.

Despite rumors, still with Wales

In his last speeches to the press, a question has been common: “Will you withdraw from the national team when the Eurocup ends?” Even after his last game against Denmark, when he was questioned about it on the pitch, Bale decided to flee the interview, leaving the journalist stranded. However, hours later, he clarified on S4C, his country’s television channel, that his intention is to continue wearing the national jersey.

“People constantly ask. I love playing for Wales, and will play here until the day I quit football.“He said.” We have just started the race to the World Cup, and we have to take these games as experience. I feel like we are very good when we play well. We have to continue with high confidence, play football and think that we can qualify for the World Cup, “he said.