Bale leaves a scent of retirement

Sand the World Cup is over Gareth Bale, although it is likely that many fans did not even know it was there. Beyond a well taken penalty against USA, the Welsh has been nowhere in Qatar. Like his selection, by the way, which seems to have been satisfied by reaching the final phase of the World Cup. It is impossible to propose less in 270 minutes.

World Cup Qatar 2022. Group B (Day 3): Summary and goal for Wales 0-3 England

In the case of Bale, it is very sad that a player with so many qualities goes through a World Cup like this. Remember: he is only 33 years old. But football hasn’t really interested him for a long time, which is why he preferred to spend the last three years in Madrid without playing for a minute and decided to prepare for the World Cup in Los Angeles, which doesn’t seem like the best city for it. Too bad, because a player of his talent and his resume deserved to have left his mark in a World Cup. He left injured at half-time and leaving a scent of withdrawal among Welsh fans and journalists. His contract expires in six months.

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Rashford already has three

Goal by Rashford (0-1) in Wales 0-3 England

The United footballer opened the scoring at the start of the second half with a great free-kick that sank Wales. From there, recital of the winger, who will score 0-3 after a great individual play. The English 11 started as a substitute this World Cup, but he has already scored three goals and is making a place for himself in the eleven based on spectacular performances. The best in England.


England thrashes, but it’s not that bad

England closed the first phase with seven points and a balance of 9 goals for and 2 against. With the data in hand, it looks like a steamroller, but she is not. He doesn’t play badly, but he isn’t the quintessential either and in defense they give a lot of facilities. Up top they do have dynamite with Kane, Foden, Rashford, Saka, Sterling, Grealish or Bellingham, who also offers a lot of arrival from midfield. But football, what is called football, they only have Spain. Come on, not even close.

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What a good atmosphere in the stands!

The Wales-England game had a great atmosphere in the stands, with two fans devoted to their teams and who did not give the police a single problem. It is the usual tunic in this World Cup in Qatar, which enjoys an exemplary coexistence among fans. In the case of the English, perhaps the absence of beer in the stadiums has something to do with it.

Zidane warm up what are you going out

Harry Kane sees no door

Goal by Foden (0-2) in Wales 0-3 England

The ‘9’ of England plays a lot, but the goal resists him in Qatar. It is strange to see that he has not scored one of the nine goals England have scored in the first phase. That’s right, he has already distributed a few assists. Foden’s in the 0-2 against Wales, wonderful. It must be remembered that Kane was the top scorer in the last World Cup, with six goals.

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Neither has England an easy way

England is first in the group and the crossing of the round of 16 is not a drama: Senegal. The African teams are unpredictable, but from what has been seen to date, they shouldn’t have any problems making it to the quarterfinals. That is when the real problem is going to come to him, where France or Argentina can wait for him if logic follows its course.

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Bale leaves a scent of retirement