Bale is left without a number

Bale is left without a number

Bale It has been left without a number at Real Madrid making good that saying: who went to Seville … The Welshman has lost eleven, the number that has accompanied him throughout his career in the white team, since 2013, and also in the national team. His fetish number, although in the Tottenham I should have to carry the 9, who was the one who was free when it was transferred (Kane wears 10). In Madrid, the 11 is owned by Asensio from the last season, when Bale left back to London. It seems an insignificant detail but it is not so much, because it affects the marketing not only of the player, but also of the entity.

In these moments all bib numbers (1 to 25) are covered at Real Madrid except the 16, what was he who left free Mayoral last year when was loaned to Rome. Not only Bale, but Ceballos, Odegaard and Jovic, all those who return from their respective assignments, have to take the number again this season (if they stay). The mystery was revealed with Odegaard and Jovic at the Glasgow match against Rangers, in which the footballers they wore numbers on their t-shirts but no names (they are still provisional). The Norwegian has returned to take the 21 and Jovic, the 18. But Bale’s 11 is no longer free.

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There’s a chance. After the departure of Varane to Manchester United It is very possible that Casemiro takes the 5 left by the French. That is the number with which he has played in recent years in the Brazilian team. In that case, the 14th will be free in addition to the 16th … Presumably they will have to be distributed between the Welshman and Ceballos.

From the welsh environment see the detail that there is lost the bib What something comical. They downplay it and even, in a jocular tone, they suspect that the best being remains without number any… “But surely at Real Madrid”, they assure, confirming the advance news by ACE a few days ago according to which Bale has ruled out on loan from Madrid for this his last campaign in white. Also discard Bale the possibility of go to MLS, although it has several offers. That leaves it to him summer coming, thus giving the possibility of continuing to be active, competing at a good level, to play the Qatar World Cup 2022, one of his great goals from now on.

To Ancelotti, that Bale is on the squad it’s a kind of blessing. Beyond the physical problems that you usually drag, it is, to spare, the player with the best numbers for the goal that you have at your command. Last year he did 16 in 1,667 minutes (one in 104); Benzema did 30, but in 3,884 (one every 129 minutes). The strategic plan of the club itself, in addition, trusts in being able to recover the best version of Hazard and that he forms a trident with a lot of name together with the Welshman himself and Benzema. Everything, waiting for Mbappé. But, for now, Bale will have to wear the 14 or 16 … if Asensio does not return the 11.