Attention, Peruvian National Team! The start date of the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers has been confirmed

The dream of classifying a It will be a reality again and very shortly after knowing who will be the next world champion. Conmebol confirmed that the South American Qualifiers, to reach the will begin in the month of March 2023 in the same all-against-all format, and with round-trip matches.

According to information published by the journalist Rodrigo RomanoConmebol will soon make this fact official to project what will be the beginning of the qualifying process for the next World Cup.

This will take place three months after the Qatar 2022 final, which takes place on December 18, this year. In turn, there will not be much rest for the participants of this World Cup event with a view to qualifying for the next tournament to be played in Mexico, the United States and Canada.

For this process, the main novelty will be the classification of six teams and, of course, a possibility of playoffs. This is because the biggest tournament in football will be played with 48 teams.

Rumors of a new format vanish

A month before, Movistar Sports He talked about the possibility of a new format that would be the following. The ten South American teams would be divided into two groups, although there is no precision if there will be a specific order given by Conmebol or it would be ordered in a previous draw. After that, each team from Group A, as well as from Group B, will have to face the five from the opposing series.

That is, if the remains in Group B, it must be measured with the five casts that are in Group A in round-trip duels, thus adding a total of 10 games. The first two of each series qualify directly for the World Cup, adding the first four quotas to the contest, of the 6.5 that would be for this part of the continent.

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Attention, Peruvian National Team! The start date of the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers has been confirmed