Atleti and Manchester United bet on Luis Enrique

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) manages several alternatives in the event that, finally, Luis Enrique leaves the National Team after the World Cup, something that is becoming increasingly clear to them. The fact that the Asturian coach has arrived in Qatar without renewing for the 3.5 million a year that Luis Rubiales pays him makes the president of the RFEF suspect that he will have to find a replacement. The sports director, José Francisco Molina, already has a list of candidates prepared, just in case.

Luis Enrique has on the table, in addition to the extension of his federation contract, three other offers: two from the Premier (Manchester United is one of the clubs that follows in his footsteps) and another from Atlético de Madrid. Miguel Ángel Gil is interested in hiring the Spaniard, whom he was about to sign a couple of years ago. Gil understands that Luis Enrique would be the coach who would best fit in the position that Simeone will leave. Not only because of his game, but also because of his character. Luis Enrique promised in his day with the CEO of Atlético to keep this offer in mind in the future. And he is a man who keeps his word.

Rubiales dodged yesterday as best he could the first questions about the future of Luis Enrique. “I don’t even think about Valverde or Marcelino in the metaverse. I like the Luis Enrique of flesh and blood. Regarding his future, we will have to wait for the World Cup to end, ”said the president of the Federation. The night before, in his last intervention on Twitch, the coach himself came out for peteneras, a flamenco style that Luis Enrique usually wields every time the subject of renewal is brought up. “Do not touch. That is the least interesting thing for me and for all of us who are part of the National Team. The objective is to have a great World Cup and give the best performance. Then we have plenty of time to see what we do and how we have done it, ”he settled. In both cases, the responses of both the RFEF president and the coach sounded like agreed excuses. The only thing that is evident is that Luis Enrique has reached the World Cup without renewing, and that is something that had not happened in the last 30 years of the National Team’s history.

For all these reasons, Molina has gotten down to work and, among the alternatives to Luis Enrique, handles several names. But there are three trainers who have taken advantage of the rest: Marcelino, Valverde and Luis de la Fuente, U-21 coach. Unai Emery’s alternative, who was also in the pools, has been ruled out due to his recent signing by Aston Villa.

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Atleti and Manchester United bet on Luis Enrique