Atlas: How was the team that reached the semifinals 17 years later built?

Atlas, led by Diego Cocca, went from the bottom of the percentage table to be the best placed in the league after the elimination of América

Atlas is once again in a semifinal after ending the 17-year streak without entering that instance, which is why Diego Cocca’s team, in addition to saving itself from the quotient problem, made the team one of the protagonists of the tournament with a base of elements that came from their worst version to have a second wind to give the best results to the Rojinegra institution.

Against this background, in ESPN Digital We present to you how the Atlas that now fights a place in the final of the Apertura 2021 was built:


The goalkeeper Camilo Vargas He arrived at the Rojinegra institution for the 2019 Opening Tournament, after not finding a safe goalkeeper in previous processes. He arrived from Deportivo Cali from Colombia without being a bomb signing, but he quickly established himself as one of the most solid in Mexican soccer.


Martin Nervo and Jesus Angulo

The central and lateral became two of the reinforcements of the Rojinegra squad from Santos Laguna for the 2019 Apertura Tournament, currently they have established themselves as pillars in the lower part by achieving salvation in the quotient problem and leading to the Atlas of directly to the league for two consecutive tournaments.


Luis Reyes

The left-back left América to live his second stage with the Rojinegro team, becoming a pillar in Diego Cocca’s scheme by winning the title in the current season after the injury of Jesús Angulo, therefore, after the return of the left back, forced the Argentine strategist to place the ‘Stitch’ in the center and play with a line of three to have two of his best defenders.

Diego Barbosa

The right-back returned to Atlas in the 2019 Apertura Tournament after ending his assignment with the Dorados de Sinaloa team in the Expansion League, however, given the loss of José Abella, Diego Cocca gave the youth squad confidence and He took advantage of it in a great way by adding minutes and with good performances he took over the right sector to be an indisputable headline.

Anderson Santamaria

The Peruvian central defender arrived from Puebla for the Clausura 2019 and it was not until after three tournaments with the Rojinegra institution that the defender began to show his best version since previously injuries, game losses and indiscipline did not allow him to show its quality.

With the arrival of Diego Cocca, he went from having an average of 300 minutes per tournament to being an immovable starter of the scheme.


Aldo Rocha

The Mexican means of containment came to the Atlas from Mazatlán in an exchange for Lorenzo Reyes in the 2021 Guard1anes Tournament. He immediately became a key piece of the Foxes, Diego Cocca detected this and gave him the captain’s tape facing the difficult moments of the club when they battled for the percentage fine.

Jeremy Marquez

Canterano Rojinegro began to have more regularity in Diego Cocca’s scheme for the Guard1anes Tournament 2021. His great skill, speed and technical quality made him an element to consider in the Argentine strategist’s scheme, after the current season has established itself as the revelation of the Atlas by forming an excellent third with Jairo Torres and Aldo Rocha.

Jairo torres

Canterano Rojinegro took a leading role after the arrival of Diego Cocca at the institution. He left behind the average of 300 minutes per tournament and his irregularity to become a reality of the team due to his great technical quality, arrival and goals, fundamental weapons in the midfield.


Julius furch

The experienced Argentine attacker arrived for the Guard1anes 2021 Tournament as the salvation of the Atlas in the face of the fight for salvation in the matter of quotient, however, an injury prior to the start of the championship took him away from the courts for 15 dates, gradually returning and with goals.

In the present championship, already with regularity of play and recovered from his injury, he became the best scorer of the Rojinegro team by scoring six goals.

Julian Quinones

The Colombian attacker arrived in this tournament at the Atlas after not entering into Tigres plans. He was assigned with an option to buy to later become the missing element in the Rojinegro team. His explosiveness, speed and quality gave the Foxes an element that complements the deficiencies of Julio Furch in attack, for which he established himself as the second best scorer on the team with six touchdowns.

Technical director

Diego Cocca

The Argentine strategist took the Rojinegro team at the bottom of the quotient table, with a start to oblivion by only achieving three victories, three draws and three defeats, he reinvented himself and with the elements of the squad, in addition to adding key pieces such as Aldo Rocha, Julio Furch, Luis Reyes, Julian Quiñones changed the face of the Foxes.

Currently, the Rojinegro team has qualified for the final phase twice in 2021, in addition to placing the Foxes in second place in the general table as the fifth best offense and the best defense of the tournament.


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Atlas: How was the team that reached the semifinals 17 years later built?