Atlas fans throw projectiles at the Pumas bus

The feline squad experienced a hostile reception at the Jalisco stadium and the transport of the capital suffered the consequences

GUADALAJARA – The truck of the Pumas was greeted with projectiles upon arrival at the Jalisco Stadium by the fans of Atlas, which were present in the area of ​​the building where the equipment transports enter.

From 100 meters from the entrance to the enclosure, red-black followers formed a corridor to accompany the entry of the trucks, but when the trucks arrived first. Pumas, they did not hesitate to yell and insult the players.

With loud chants and signs of contempt it was as they received the players of the team from the Mexican capital. In addition, there were some followers who threw stones, cans and ice towards the bus.

The incident did not happen to majors and the players arrived safe and sound to the dressing room of the colossus of the Calzada Independencia. In the same way, there were no detainees for the fact and in the videos that it has ESPN DigitalAs well as those that circulate in networks, the intervention of the security forces is not appreciated.

The feline truck had slight bumps and some dents on the bodywork.

Minutes after the arrival of PumasThe red and black painting did the same. With flares and chants of support, the fans of the Academy were present as the official bus paraded towards the entrance to the changing rooms.

“Today we come to encourage you, to be a champion, today you have to win,” sang the hundreds of fans of the official cheer of the Atlas, La 51. Contrary to the Pumas truck, the red-black bus entered without complications.


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Atlas fans throw projectiles at the Pumas bus