Asensio and Ceballos, on the Real Madrid exit ramp

dowill sign the real Madrid one more player for next season? That is the question that football fans, Real Madrid supporters or not, ask themselves over and over again after Rudiger and Tchouameni they will pose in white Valdebebas and they will speak as Real Madrid players.

Have you closed the arrival door as they make you see from the main area? It all depends on the output of other players, starting with Asensio and Ceballosbut without forgetting Jovic, Mariano or Vallejo. And some more that should come out, like Kubo or Reinieror others who after speaking with Ancelotti decide that it is best to leave. This circumstance does not seem to happen with Luninwho after a first threat at the end has decided, at least for the moment, to stay with the white team. Borja Mayoral is one of those players waiting for the talk with the coach. And all this without forgetting that Marcelo, Bale and Isco they no longer belong to Real Madrid.

Unlike other summers, the directors of Real Madrid they do not have a budget marked on the concept of possible player sales. Years ago they even reached the top of 100 million, an amount that they exceeded. This means that there is no urgency, that all proposals will be studied in detail and that they do not plan to give away players to the first one who arrives.

Asensio has the key to the doors

Marco Asensio is the key to all possible moves. As MARCA has told, so far he has not received any offer to renew a contract that ends in twelve months. Real Madrid is waiting for the player’s decision. Through Valdebebas they know that he is one of the players with the greatest economic impact among the non-transferable. If he submits any proposal (Jorge Mendes is looking for) will be studied.

Asensio and Ceballos on the Real Madrid exit ramp

If Asensio agrees to continue knowing that his role will not be a starter, at least from the beginning, perfect. From there, a concrete renewal offer could arrive, something that is not fully decided. There has been talk of many teams, but at the moment no specific offer has appeared.

Ceballos, with suitors

The other player with the most suitors, at least on paper, is Daniel Ceballos. As is the case with Asensio, he has the World Cup as his goal and if they don’t play, Luis Enrique has already warned that they will have it complicated. The Andalusian has seen that with the arrival of Tchouaméni there are already seven midfielders that appear in the white squad, so the distribution of minutes is complicated.

Asensio, about his future: “I would say there are three possibilities”RFEF

Ceballos considers that this scenario It is an invitation to seek minutes away from Real Madrid, despite the fact that at the end of last season it proved to be valid for the white team. Ancelotti thinks the same of the two players. If they remain in the squad, perfect, since they may have the occasional opportunity, but neither does he want to be the brake on the aspirations of both.

As with Asensio, for the moment there is no renewal offer. What there has been is a call from Betis asking about his situation. Real Madrid believes that for the midfielder they could get a figure close to 10 million eurosamount negotiable but not excessively low.

The two Spanish internationals are not at all clear about their continuity at Real Madrid. If in the end they decide to end their contract, the white club will not force any decision and they will be first team players for all purposes, but it will make them see that the most convenient thing would be to accept any of the offers that may come to them. What seems clear is that the future of the two will mark the possible arrival of new players at Real Madrid.

Movements in the front

The departure of these two players, plus that of Jović (Fiorentina seems determined to accept Real Madrid’s demands to include a compulsory purchase) and the probable ones of Mariano and Borja Mayoral (the two have one year left on their contract), I would invite the Madrid leaders to look for the occasional reinforcement, but always on the basis that it cannot be from outside the community.

As to Juanmi Latasa, the idea is that he stay one more season within the discipline of the Madrid club. The forward will alternate Castilla and the first team, although logically the priority will be for Ancelotti whenever he wants it. Close to signing a new contract with Real Madrid, the former Adarve player is postulated as an important player in the white team’s short-term future.

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Asensio and Ceballos, on the Real Madrid exit ramp