Arsenal offered 39 million for Marco Asensio, according to SER

Marco Asensio completed his dream night at Real Madrid last Wednesday. The 25-year-old managed to score three goals for Mallorca in the Whites’ 6-1 win in a performance that Asensio really needed to regain his confidence. The Spaniard spent a summer immersed in rumors and his agent acknowledged in the SER that he had one foot outside the team. Finally, Ancelotti invited him to stay and now he’s in good vibes.

But there were teams last summer that were seriously interested. The SER has even provided details. Arsenal, Milan and Tottenham asked about Marco Asensio’s situation and the first one put 39 million euros on the table to acquire him as property. But it did not happen. In the end, Real Madrid, following Ancelotti’s recommendations, preferred to keep it and, precisely, against Mallorca was the version that everyone wants to see in Real Madrid of the player. Milan tried the double blow. He became interested in Asensio while he was already talking to Real Madrid about Brahim. While Tottenham brought up the subject when they settled Bale’s situation with Real Madrid.

The player has started the race to become, once and for all, a fixture in Real Madrid’s starting line-ups. “Ancelotti told him that he trusted him to play on the inside. He told him ‘I want you to stay’. I know you are not a pure winger. You have to play in the middle. Good speech. That was not a long time ago. It was something to start thinking about. what we were doing in January because we weren’t going to be like this this season … “, said Horacio Gaggioli, the player’s agent, at El Larguero.