Are Coutinho and Firmino not going to the World Cup? Can Brazil play like Guardiola’s City? Tite responds on ESPN

The coach of the Brazilian team gave an exclusive interview to ESPN during his time in England

This Sunday, the leader of England, Manchester City, receives the second place, Liverpool, in one of the most important matches to define the Premier League champion at the Etihad Stadium.

The two teams are being closely followed by the coach of the Brazilian team, Titewho was in England to follow the games of the Champions League and gave an exclusive interview to ESPN in London.

Together with his faithful friend, the assistant Cleber Xavier, Tite keep looking for the names to close the list for the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

According to XavierBrazil’s coaching staff will see a total of 10 players in England, and Manchester City’s recent 1-0 victory over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League was a good opportunity to see them in action, even more so with all the difficulties with the lineup you placed Diego Simeon.

“We had the possibility to leave Qatar and come directly here to England and to be able to observe 10 players that are on our long list. Today we have around 35, 40 players. It is a list that does not end, we keep looking, and we had this opportunity “he explained Cleber.

“We will return now, towards the end of the month, to England, there to observe the players, talk to the technical commissions, observe the training sessions, be part of our process. And always, in any situation, in addition to the players, he also observes the aspects of feeling the atmosphere of the game, feeling the tactical aspects, how the coaches make their movements, their strategies…”, he continued.

in the match of City vs. Athleticwas the defender Philipwho had a good performance despite the defeat of the Colchoneros.

“Yes (Felipe is among those observed). Felipe has an open place, he has the follow-up, so much so that they called him,” he said. Tite.

Take a look at some excerpts from the exclusive interview with Tite then:

ESPN: What caught your attention the most from the matches you watched in Europe?

Uncle: Philip he played as a libero, in a slightly more preserved situation. He was technically fine. (Renan) I gave it on the wing, doing the best he knows how, which are attacking midfielder actions. Matheus Cunha and Gabriel Jesus They had a few minutes. Gabriel as ‘9’, a player who gave space for DeBruyne and Foden created the plays, it was he who was as a player in front holding, in tactical terms, not only in breadth but in depth. We know that cunha He is a player of movement, of technical quality. We can make a collective and individual perception as well.

ESPN: Are Gabriel Jesus and Roberto Firmino at risk of not going to the World Cup?

Uncle: I understand your question, but I will not answer. We have eight months until then, so all of these factors are important. I know the real potential of firmino and its recovery. Now, it’s up to him to take back the best version of him. We will give all the extra conditions, both for monitoring, as is happening now, for training, for interactions with them individually, with their clubs, with their coaches when there is a vacancy, with their physical trainers. With all these conditions, this work, which is something that the general public does not follow, but we have this responsibility to do it, and it is like that for others, so that they are in better conditions.

ESPN: Why did you call up Philippe Coutinho at a time when he was being criticized so much?

Uncle: The coach has the opportunity to look at the player, being fair to his needs, including the functions he performs. If you look at the paper Coutothe paper of Neymar Now the role of packagethe paper of Everton Ribeiro, you have a smaller number of players to fill that role. Unlike what is happening with Antony, Raphinha, Vinicius Jr., Martinelli, who are players, there are generations that emerge in one and have another role. The coach doesn’t help, mainly because Couto He has a past in the Brazilian national team and has a history as a high-level player. You’re looking to get it back. Other than that, I have a ’10’ [Juninho Paulista] in the coaching staff, and a ’10’ has great weight to speak of and he knows how important this search is and this recovery at a high level, which has now been confirmed by Couto.

ESPN: Is it possible that the Brazilian team will one day play like Manchester City?

Uncle: Part of your question you answered yourself. Time does not allow that. The ideas are compatible, ideas of their teams are associated, what the players do in their positions, functions and contribute to the idea of ​​soccer of the Brazilian team. Enjoy as long as possible, yes… (…) We try to observe and try to bring what the player does in the club and structure him so that he does it in the national team.

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Are Coutinho and Firmino not going to the World Cup? Can Brazil play like Guardiola’s City? Tite responds on ESPN