Arbeloa’s new dedication: personalized videos for 180 euros

Arbeloas new dedication personalized videos for 180 euros

The new life of Alvaro Arbeloa Away from the playing fields, he is giving a lot to talk about, and that is that the one who was Real Madrid’s side just a few days ago managed to take his company to the stock market very successfully, although it is not the only project in which he is embarked. The last of his facets is perhaps the least known by his millions of followers around the world, although from now on practically everyone can get to know him virtually. The ex-footballer is one of the celebrities who participate in ‘Cleb‘, a very original service that connects celebrities with their followers.

A video of Arbeloa for 180 euros

With the arrival of very important dates such as birthdays, weddings or special events, it is very difficult to surprise a good friend or relative with something truly original. This is precisely what they do in ‘Cleb‘, a platform that sells the services of a multitude of personalities at different rates and through which we can ask our idol to send us a personalized video with a message or congratulations and, in the same way, we will be collaborating with one of the foundations to which all the funds go.

Among the many personalities who have joined this project is Álvaro Arbeloa, who offers his services for the modest price of 180 euros per video. In this way, we can satisfy all those we know who are unconditional followers of the ‘Spartan’ and those who would be surprised by a personalized message from the ex-footballer. On the website they offer us several examples of the former Real Madrid player, who is even encouraged to invite some of his clients to meet him in person and not through a video.

Of course, this project in which Álvaro Arbeloa is immersed together with a large number of celebrities is supportive, so each of them chooses an NGO to which to allocate the funds raised. In the case of the former Madrid player, its funds go to the Aladina Foundation, which since 2005 is dedicated to research and fight against childhood cancer.