And now that? What comes for the Colombian National Team after the friendlies

The Colombian National Team completed its double FIFA date with victories by 4-1 against Guatemala and 3-2 against Mexico. Ideal performance but not exempt from controversy.

The coach Néstor Lorenzo made his bets on several of the veterans, the World Cup players who for him have an essential contribution, but he had the touch to relieve them and give way to a young blood that fills with hope for the future and the 2026 World Cup, the big goal.

The members of the coaching staff will now remain in that, in the planning of that objective, which will have specific work cycles.

After this meeting in the United States, the group is free to go to their clubs and to meet soon.

When? The plan establishes a work microcycle in the first week of October, another one in the third week, which would include players from the local environment and championships that allow these absences. Clearly those from Europe would hardly be available.

For them, the strong squad of the team, there would be a possibility in November: according to the journalist Javier Hernández, a match against Italy in Florida was lost, but that would free up the agenda to have another rival interested in preparing for the World Cup with Colombia as sparring The idea of ​​the coach Lorenzo is that it can be specified to take advantage of other days of work with his stellar team, because on FIFA date the clubs cannot refuse to give them up. There is no rival, but great efforts are made to achieve it.

In this way the year 2022 would end, waiting for Conmebol to confirm the start of the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, which could be in March, as Colombia and other teams want, or in the middle of the year, as is the intention of the powers Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, in view of the end of the contest in Qatar until December. In the worst case, there is a FIFA date in March that could be used, among other things, to project the Copa América 2024.

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And now that? What comes for the Colombian National Team after the friendlies