Ancelotti: “Today we have delivered, quality is not for this type of match”

After everything prepared, did you expect this to be the image of the team ?: “We have played a game different from what we usually do. We prepare a game in set pieces, aerial, long. We scored from set pieces, we played the game we are preparing ”.

Mariano: “He has had a right muscle injury. We have to evaluate it in the last days. It’s a complicated period, we played very late, it could happen ”.

With 1-1 have you suffered a lot? Have you seen the tie in jeopardy ?: “Of course they are, because they have matched the game in a very good individual action, of quality. Afterwards we have not lost our minds and we have continued playing the same game. You couldn’t play another game, it is the game that we had to play, that we have played and that we have won ”.

Is Lunin going to play the entire Cup whoever the rival is ?: “He has made his game. Very good on the sticks. Some mistakes with the feet, but I like the goalkeeper who stops under sticks, the game with feet can be improved. I have said that the Copa del Rey is owned by Lunin, but I have not said that all the league matches are by Courtois ”.

Are you happy but not showing off? Is the team still on vacation as it said in Getafe ?: “Absolutely not. The holidays ended after Getafe. Today we have fulfilled, the quality is not for this type of party. Meter quality is not possible. This team tonight has put the quality down and has struggled, it is what it had to do here. If you don’t fight here, you lose, as happened last year ”.

What did you think of Hazard’s game ?: “Quality players have suffered more than the others in this type of game. He has tried, Isco has done well too. All the equipment has fulfilled its characteristics. Hazard is a player who suffers more from this type of game ”.

Hazard is seen without confidence, what is he lacking ?: “I hope soon. He must have more confidence in one-on-one, dribbling, shooting … because he has the quality to do it. Soon will return. His physical condition is better than a few months before and I hope he can return to his best level soon ”.

“We have played a fair game”

Ancelotti also spoke on RMTV after the match and explained that before the match he told the players that they had to “be smart.”

Very worked victory: “We have worked a lot, in a field that we are not used to. Long balls, without the possibility of playing from below, there have been difficulties. The team has delivered, we had prepared it to do so, without playing much from behind. The small field helped them to press, we played a fair game, we did what we had to do.

What did you like the most ?: “I liked that we don’t usually do a game like this, but we were there. This type of football is not our football ”.

What did you say to the team before the duel ?: “That we were going to play an unusual game, that we had to be smart. In the set pieces we made a fantastic goal, we fought in duels, Casemiro was very important in that. We have accomplished what we had to do ”.

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Ancelotti: “Today we have delivered, quality is not for this type of match”