Ancelotti: “This team has a lot of quality and you have to enjoy it”


10/24/2021 –

Carlo Ancelotti has valued the victory in the first Barcelona-Real Madrid it’s from the season. The Italian technician takes his first Classic away from home and praises the work of all his players and also of Bara. He admits that he has suffered until the end of the meeting. Carlo wait what about Valverde I was just in a fright but assumes that until tomorrow they will not have more information.

Courtois’ annoyance: “It seemed serious but then it was fine. I had to make the last change and I had to wait in case it was wrong. But I had nothing serious and I was able to make the change I had in mind.”

Alaba’s goal: “It has found spaces and has finished very well.”

The system: “They are more used to playing in that 4-3-3. Vini and Rodrygo have been very good, but also Asensio when he came out. They all want to play.”

The defensive commitment: “I think we can compete with everyone, the team is very solid and we have to be a little more efficient at the top, but we have played against a great team and we have suffered. We are capable of suffering together.”

The match: “He has been practical and intelligent. Very good in defense. We have missed some passes and we have been very effective in the counterattack. This team has a lot of quality and we have to enjoy it. This was not an easy game and winning makes us happy.”

First triumph at the Camp Nou as a coach: “Happy to win the Clsico because it is the most important game. I don’t like to join the other team but they also played a good game.”

Valverde: “I think it’s a blow to the knee and you have to assess it tomorrow.”

If you have been afraid of a tie: “I’m never scared, but you are always a little scared until the referee whistles the end.”

The coach also spoke to the Movistar microphones:

Compliments to the team: “We played a smart game. Very far behind and very dangerous against. It was what we proposed. At the beginning the ball kick had to be better. With the ball at the beginning it could be done better. After scoring we had more opportunity and more control. ”

Vinicius: “He played a very good game, every time he created danger. Benzema has also helped the team a lot. We are a solid team. It is difficult to find opportunities for the opponent.”

The defense: “We are defending well. The collective commitment is very good. On quality you do not need to work. It is team genetics. They have scored two defenses. This means that we wanted to attack. We have done very well. Everyone would like to press. in the whole field. It cannot be done sometimes and defending well is a virtue. I don’t like to evaluate the opposing team. We suffered in this game. Barcelona will be in the fight until the end “


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Ancelotti: “This team has a lot of quality and you have to enjoy it”