Ancelotti is going to get in trouble at 3,2,1 …

Black week for Real Madrid, that after losing to him Sheriff in the Champions League he lost again to him Spanish in the league. Carletto’s unbeaten team has been blown up in a week and the worst thing is the feeling that the team transmits, which right now seems to be in chaos and going from more to less. Madrid wants and as before the Sheriff they died at the top, locking up Espanyol, but in defense it is a more than fragile team and in attack it does not find ordered solutions, but moves on impulse and with the inspiration of Benzema, far above the rest of the team. his companions.

Karim It is the best that Madrid has right now. He almost turned the game around by himself. He scored a great goal, another spectacular was annulled and Hazard assisted in another well annulled goal. By the way, the Belgian definition spectacular, which gives for another chapter. Doesn’t it deserve more minutes?

Espanyol, chapeau. Great game, with RDT driving the defense crazy and fueling the debate over Luis Enrique’s list. You really have to go without nine to the League of Nations having him at?


Why is RDT not in the selection?

Ral de Toms He has been scoring goals for several years now, and playing marvelously, at Rayo Vallecano and Espanyol. The forward was a headache for the Real Madrid defense and on the eve of the concentration of the Spanish team and after a list full of news due to injuries, his absence draws attention. With the injuries of Morata and Gerard, Luis Enrique goes to the Final four without a single nine, while RDT scores goals and ends a whole Real Madrid.


Go the Madrid thing in the first part

Madrid played the first half with a 4-4-2 without Hazard, with Camavinga lying on the left, with Alaba on the side, with Fede on the right … The result was chaos in attack, without ideas, with improvisation as the flag, with Alaba playing everyone except the lane and suffocating Vinicius … In the second part, Carletto he regained the more usual pattern with a 4-3-3, with Vini and Rodrygo on the flanks, but Modric and Kroos were not able to hold the white center of the field.

In defense, the chaos is infinite and Madrid transmits signs of weakness behind similar to those of Barcelona. Carletto has a lot of work to do …


Hazard’s management, incomprehensible

Hazard He has not played well in his first two years as a Real Madrid player, but we all agree that he will not recover his best version if he does not play. And that he confesses until Ancelotti, which nevertheless says one thing and does the opposite. He wants to get him back, but at the minimum he sends him to the bench. He had good minutes against the Sheriff, but was again a substitute against Espanyol. He spends more time on the bench than on the field and thus it is very difficult to get a player back. Can your physique really not take two titles in a row? So, of course, Hazard never be again Hazard. This season he is not giving him time to fail, he is simply becoming a residual player, one more. And Hazard was recently a world star.

By the way, when he entered he was one of the best of Madrid and scored a great goal for the squad that was annulled for offside by Benzema.


Benzema plays something else: two goals, although one was worth

The first of the goals he scored was annulled by Jovic’s offside, but the goal that Karim had scored deserves a mention and minutes in the summaries. The Frenchman, after supporting himself with the Serbian, beat Diego López after a dance turn on the edge of the small area, stepping on the ball, with more of a futsal technique than anything else. A genius well canceled, because Jovic was clueless offside …

It would not matter to Karim, who was on fire and just two minutes later he scored a goal after opening a gap between four Espanyol defenses. He already has 9 goals in LaLiga.


Madrid’s scoring account slows down

Two goals from Madrid in the last three games once again set off the alarms in the white team, in which the ghost of a lack of punch is once again lurking. It seemed resolved with the emergence of Vinicius, but the Brazilian now has four games to zero and the weight falls again only on Karim. The Frenchman was the only one who created danger against Espanyol and was the only one capable of defeating the Sheriff and Espanyol in this fateful week …