‘Ancelotti is a sponge that absorbs problems, leaving the team calm’

Ancelotti is a sponge that absorbs problems leaving the team

Alessandro nesta spent many years under the orders of Carlo Ancelotti andn Milan and he only has good words for the Real Madrid coach. “Ancelotti He is a second father, a coach who makes you live well even if he demands a lot from you. I would have done anything for him. He is someone who does not abandon the players, even if they get injured. It is a sponge that absorbs problems, leaving the team calm. Berlusconi and Galliani they were people used to winning and, without a doubt, they put pressure on the coach. However, he came to the field with a smile on his face, “he said in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

Nesta acknowledged in the interview that Ancelotti is your reference as a coach. “Ancelotti inspires me in the way he manages the dressing room and the big players. It is not easy to manage the champions. They are like women: complicated, ”explained Nesta, who recalled how he started playing soccer as a child. “When I was alone I fantasized about playing in the Olympic. When my father bought me some new boots, I slept with them on. My father was obsessed with football, but especially with Lazio, “he said, adding that” my brother had a foot problem and the doctor recommended that it would be good for him to play sports. Dad said it would be soccer. I cried and said, ‘I want to do it too!’ This is how I started ”.

On the best current defenses, Nesta highlighted “Van Dijk: it has everything, it is solid, strong on top … Thiago silva: fast, technical, great. At Milan, paired with me, he played alone: ​​I was old, finished, and he was going at 2,000 per hour. Sergio Ramos: there has never been anyone with his technique ”.

As for the forwards who have been measured, he stated that “Ronaldo the Phenomenon. I tagged almost all the good guys, but he was crazy. “

I dialed almost all the good guys, but Ronaldo was insane