Ancelotti: “I have never forced a player who wants to leave, to stay”


10/29/2021 –

Carlo Ancelotti He appeared before the press to analyze tomorrow’s game against Elche. With no time to regret the draw against Osasuna, the white team travels this afternoon to Alicante for the match at the Martinez Valero, which takes place at a very unusual time for whites: 2:00 p.m.

The wear and little rest that his team has

“We prepare for the game knowing that the physical aspect is not the determining factor, but with the idea of ​​continuing with this commitment and playing well. We want to do things well from a technical and strategic point of view”

Xavi, coach

“I wish Xavi the best as a coach”

Will you let out a player who is not playing as much, as is the case with Hazard, if he asks?

“Never in my coaching career have I forced a player who wants to go out and stay. In my personal opinion there is no question about this. If a player wants to leave, he will leave. There is not much question about this …”

The level of the Spanish referees compared to other Leagues

“I’m not saying neither better nor worse. Different. Spanish football is now a more global football, compared to my first stage. Now there is improvement in defense and the teams are more direct. In my first stage there was more control of the game, now there is More direct football. There is no better or worse football, there is a football where a coach has to enjoy the characteristics of his players. I really liked what Iraola said the other day, about the long pass, something that Rayo is using. and very good”.

The game system that best suits the team

“I am convinced that it is the system in which the players are most comfortable. It may be that there are games in which one more striker can be useful in the area, for Benzema”

Luka modric:

“He has trained well and is going to play. I did not play against Osasuna because he was loaded and had some discomfort”

Work the offensive aspect against closed defenses

“We need to work on the offensive aspect. We have to finish better, but that means positioning ourselves better, putting in more players, moving more without the ball … We have to work on this and it can be improved, yes”

Is football getting complicated with VAR?

“There are some rules that are complicated for me. The offside is complicated and not fair. But apart from this we have fixed it. The other is very complicated. It is the difference between the objective and the subjective, which is an arbitration interpretation. “

Is Vinicius being abused?

“No, Vinicius is very young and he recovers better than others. In the physical aspect, the day that he is not well or that he does not maintain the level of form, then go to the bench.”

Soto Grado’s words to the players

“I don’t want to get into that, because there is a lot with the VAR, the penalties, the added time … It is not good for the show that there are so many interruptions. And that is not the fault of the VAR. I think that the VAR is a good thing , especially for objective things like offside. The VAR has fixed a lot of things and I think it’s good. The controversy already existed before … “


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Ancelotti: “I have never forced a player who wants to leave, to stay”