Ancelotti: “Hazard is out due to gastroenteritis”

Carlo Ancelotti analyzes the return of Real Madrid to LaLiga after the national team break. After the morning in which Florentino Prez has been the protagonist in the assembly, it is the white coach who takes over. In the focus the game against Granada, but not only that. You have explained Bale’s situation and discovered that Hazard it is low against Robert Moreno’s team.

Carlo Ancelotti’s press conference.

I work with video

“It is used because there is little time to train. But they are short, they are not movies. I do not want to have the player watch videos for a long time.”


“The dynamics are good and we have to praise him, and that is done with the results. I think we are on a good path.”

Bale and his character

“You have to respect his character. It is not true that there are confrontations with him. The other way around. We want to get Bale back.”

Play on sunday

“Okay, so we have more time to recover the Brazilians from their trips. We have time for Wednesday.”

Xavi’s debut

“To see it, to be an interesting game. Xavi to contribute new things. I would like to discover them as soon as possible, because he is a direct rival.”

Accumulated matches

“Rodryo returns tomorrow, Valverde next week. I’m happy. It’s going to be a demanding stretch of the season. It’s not new for us.”


“Everyone does it as they want. I don’t have a heavy hand, they haven’t educated me like that either at home or in football. But I respect whoever uses it.”


“He is low due to gastroenteritis. It is not covid. It would bother me if he was happy with his situation. And he is not. His situation is that of a player who does not play much.”


“It is not the first time that many parties have come together. I do not know if it is nonsense, it is too much. It has to change. The current dynamics are not not good. I hope it changes for a meaningful way, do not reverse it. This has I don’t know if the Super League is the solution, but something has to be done. ”

The hobby and Bale

“He wants to play for Real Madrid. It’s what I see. He knows that to play for Wales he has to play with us.”


“The situation was clear. He was discharged. They thought he could play, the evaluation might not be so correct. We want to get him back. It’s important to us.”

The party in Granada and the parn

“We are used to this. Now comes an important and interesting period. The team is ready.”


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Ancelotti: “Hazard is out due to gastroenteritis”