Analysis: Argentina vs. Colombia, party of maximum attention

The defeat against Peru, last Friday in Barranquilla 0-1, left the Colombia selection seriously injured in the standings of the South American qualifying round and seriously compromised the aspiration of qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar, which will be played between November and December of this year.Live match Argentina vs. Colombia

That loss relegated Colombia to sixth place in the standings, a partial elimination position.

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It should be remembered that the first four will go directly to the World Cup and that the team that occupies the fifth place will play a playoff in a single extra game, in June, against an Asian rival on a neutral field.

First, do your job

The Colombian National Team has just 17 points, three less than the last direct quota, which Peru now occupies, and two from the playoffs, to which Uruguay would go at this time.

This Tuesday, February 1st, date 16 will be played, the second to last of the tie, and for Colombia to win in Córdoba against Argentina it becomes obligatory for those directed by Reinaldo Rueda (6:30 pm, with TV de Caracol).

Other results that are convenient

A combination of results that would be favorable for Colombia on this day to reach fourth place again, which would send it directly to Qatar, begins with its victory against Argentina. A task that is not easy at all.

Following his own result, another marker that suits him is a draw or a defeat for Uruguay against Venezuela, in Montevideo, in a match that starts at 6 in the afternoon.

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If tied, Uruguay, fifth in the table, would reach 20 points, the same that Colombia would have in the event of a victory in Córdoba, which would surpass it by goal difference.

If it loses, Uruguay will keep its 19 points, one less in case of the hypothetical Colombian victory over Argentina.

Ecuador is yellow, blue and red

A crucial game for Colombia will be the one played in Lima between Peru and Ecuador, starting at 9 pm on Tuesday.

A victory for Ecuador, which would definitively classify it for the World Cup, is the optimal result for a Colombia that, as is clear, no longer depends on itself.

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If Colombia wins and Peru loses, and if Uruguay does not beat Venezuela, the team led by Reinaldo Rueda would recover fourth place in the standings on this day.

rest of the date

In the other matches of the date, it would be convenient for Colombia if Bolivia, with 15 points, and Chile, with 16, will draw in La Paz (3 pm).

The day is completed with the duel between Brazil (leader of the tie and already qualified) and Paraguay. It suits Colombia that Brazil defeat Paraguay in Belo Horizonte, penultimate, with 13 points.

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Date 16 (February 1)

Bolivia vs Chile: both have 16 points, one less than Colombia; ideally that they draw or that Chile loses, since Bolivia has -11 in the difference while Chile has -2, the same mark as Colombia.

Uruguay vs. Venezuela: All candles for Pékerman’s team to draw or defeat Uruguay (it has two more than Colombia).

Argentina vs Colombia: It is forbidden to lose, a minimum of one point is needed, but with three you could correct all your mistakes and dream again.

Brazil vs Paraguay: Does not count in any bet because the first is classified and the other is eliminated.

Peru vs. Ecuador: A Peruvian defeat is needed, which would leave Ecuador classified with 27 units.

Date 17 (March 24)

Argentina vs. Venezuela: The first is classified and the second eliminated; result that makes no difference.

Colombia vs Bolivia: This time the speeches are not worth it, because if the three points are not won in Barranquilla there will be no World Cup. So clear.

Paraguay vs. Ecuador: It does not matter except for Ecuadorian interests, it could arrive classified or with the need for the three points to seal the direct ticket.

Brazil vs. Chile: If Chile loses on the 16th date, it doesn’t have much weight, but if it wins, Tite’s team has to be very strong.

Uruguay vs Peru: Key duel! It is ideal that points be removed and a tie, but if Uruguay defeats Venezuela (on date 16), a victory for Alonso’s team would help more, burying the illusion of Gareca’s.

Jerry Mina. Peru won the match 1-0 against the Colombian team, for the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifier. January 28, 2022.


Photo: Cristian Alvarez

Date 18 (March 29)

Peru vs Paraguay: It is essential that the local does not win in Lima.

Ecuador vs. Argentina: If you have qualified on the previous two dates, it makes no difference. If not, Colombia, in the best of cases, would only reach 23 units and would no longer reach Alfaro’s, who have 24.

Venezuela vs. Colombia: Winning as a visitor is the only possibility for Rueda’s team.

Chile vs Uruguay: Depending on the previous results, assuming that Chile does not add six points so far, it could be more useful if the Austral team wins at home. Uruguay is the rival to displace for Colombia.

Bolivia vs Brazil: It no longer counts in any bet.


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Analysis: Argentina vs. Colombia, party of maximum attention