An injury can cost a 35 million sale to PSG

At PSG they buy and sign with solvency, which gives them the economic muscle that supports them, a quick look at the section of discharges this summer serves as an example, but when it comes to selling they have more problems. There are several players on the starting ramp, but Leonardo does not receive the proposals he needs to cash with them. One of those involved in the ‘sanitation’ of the club is Mauro Icardi, who, according to ‘Sky Sports’, They would have already put a price: 35 million euros.

The Argentine forward has seen the door in two of the first three Ligue 1 games, but when Neymar and Messi join, their timing will be drastically reduced. But that scoring nose that he maintains intact makes several clubs interested in his incorporation, adds the aforementioned media. A return to Serie A has always appeared as a potential destination, but now it is not clear that the ram can leave the French capital. The reason? An untimely injury.

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The Rosario withdrew from the crash against Brest on the last day with a sore right shoulder, after a fall in the last minutes, something that could frustrate any possibility of transfer. And, as Pochettino himself recognized after the game, the injury “does not look good”, although he expressed his hope that he would only be left in a fright. The tests will determine the extent of it, but Now that Leonardo seemed to find buyers, he must face a new setback.

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Icardi won two years ago that PSG will execute the purchase option of 50 million that appeared in the agreement loan closed with Inter. His 20 goals in 34 games sent Edinson Cavani, the entity’s top scorer, to the bench. Last year, Moise Kean, on loan from Everton, paid him in the same coin and between the success of the Italian and some other physical mishap, he lost his preponderant role. Even so, he managed to score 13 goals in 28 games.

This season, in the face of the barrage of casualties, started the course as a starter and responded as he almost always does, scoring goals. Now, with the market entering its final stretch, an injury could deprive him of finding a destination that serves as a springboard to regain his role as the team’s star striker … and it could cost PSG 35 million in revenue of euros that would be more than welcome for the accounts to balance.