America’s new way of signing: buy low and sell high

The Eagles left renowned signings in the past, to hire players at low cost, who perform on the field and then leave profits for the club

In recent years, Americalike many Liga MX clubs, has changed its way of signing players to reduce costs and try to get good results on the pitch.

In Coapa the ‘bomba’ or world poster players were left behind, now they are looking for soccer players who represent a lower cost, who perform on the field and then sell them at a better price, as they did with Guido Rodríguez, Agustín Marchesín, Matheus Uribe or Edson Alvarez.

This new way of operating does not like many Americanists, but this is the way of managing the azulcrema team.

Santiago BathsSports President of the Eagles, indicated that the “true” azulcrema fans want to win titles, beyond signing international football stars or the best players in Liga MX.

“People have the right to demonstrate on networks, but what the true American fans want is for the team to lift the 14 and they don’t care who is the president, coach or players they represent on the field. The fans want titles and we will continue like this,” he said at a press conference.

One aspect that has drawn attention is that in Coapa it is very difficult for them to close signings from South America, the last of them was Sebastián Cáceres, who came from Liverpool in Uruguay and since then the azulcremas have seen players like Brian Ocampo or Pablo Solari They have gotten out of hand.

The directors of the Eagles affirm that they are experiencing a blockade of representatives in the southern cone of the continent, because they have not wanted to lend themselves to shady movements.

“There are some that are very complicated, they block transfers and complicate them, they want to receive payments abroad in tax havens, something that is impossible because everything here is under the law,” he declared. Toilets in an interview with ESPN’s ‘Spicy Soccer’.

However, for Javier Pérez Teuffer, former director of the Águilas, these types of excuses are not valid and he believes that what happens more is due to the lack of capacity of the Azulcremas to negotiate.

“At the end of the day there is an economic interest that one must take care of and as long as you do not go outside your parameters to avoid corruption, you can do it, the only thing you have to do is have good viewers, good contacts, have a way to reach him to the player; So, it is a series of factors and not because the player has a promoter, things will no longer be done, he has to put aside your business and he will receive his part as if he had done it, “he said.

It is a reality that there are currently clubs like Tigres, Monterrey or Toluca that pay more than the America when buying players. However, in Coapa they deny that they are an austere directive and give as an example the eight million dollars they paid for Nicolás Castillo; the 12 that paid for Diego Valdés or the 10 that invested in Néstor Araujo and Jonathan Rodríguez.

Azulcremas fans dream of players of the caliber of Iván Zamorano or Claudio López, as there were in the past, but the current board is not interested in bringing players of that caliber, and it is not easy to convince them to come to Mexico.

The fans of America and of most clubs in Mexico, they should see world-renowned figures go to MLS before Liga MX. Aztec football cannot compete with the salaries and quality of life offered in the United States and must comply with the “buy low and sell high” policy that reigns today in Liga MX.

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America’s new way of signing: buy low and sell high