America … That boring leader!

LOS ANGELES – It added two points out of nine possible and there was hysteria. “America is breaking down.” “America is falling apart.” The eventual misfortune of # ÓdiameMás awakens those haunting harpies.

But, no: America is bored. Bored and bored. And now his victory over Pumas is being weighed loudly, because of that rivalry, that bias of contempt perversely baked between television stations.

With the smoking sheepskin of Pumas in the trophy room, the Eagles reinstall El Nido on the highest ridge in Liga Mx, evacuating an Atlas that gave more pain than glory by playing with two more men and receiving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. arbitration in his victory over sad Chivas, who were no longer reached by the philosophical diatribes of Marcelo Michel Leaño. The charlatan is already stuttering.

Meanwhile, America gives that feeling: that he is a boring leader. It gives that feeling that you need to get to the Liguilla, because the Repechage already has it secured with its 25 points.

Accustomed to the extreme maelstrom of their results, América started the week again at the altar, and amid cheers, despite having beaten a team that adds eight points out of 33 possible, and is penultimate in the table, a reflection of the waste of hiring players like newcomer Diogo de Oliveira, genuinely and literally a fugitive from the McDonald’s grill. There must be taqueros in San Cosme with more skills than him.

Certainly without attractive football, without minimal attachment to spectacular football, but America respects its own idea of ​​playing well, ugly, but well, and the unappealable retribution keeps it at the forefront of a tournament full of irregularities and funny situations, like watching a Ricardo Ferretti’s Juárez turned into the killer-giants, or the most popular team in Mexico, the Chivas, going from a mountebank of fear, like Víctor Manuel Vucetich, to a mountebank of verbiage, like Marcelo Michel Leaño. From the Ex-King Midas to the One-Eyed King, between the Land of the Blind that is Guadalajara.

That is why America seems bored, because from boredom to distraction and disorder, the only thing missing is a yawn, like the one he had against a Toluca who humiliated him on the scoreboard (3-1), scoring half the goals he had received. in the tournament until then.

The FIFA Date is coming and America will have to confront the risks of yielding six players to national teams. Guillermo Ochoa, Jorge Sánchez, Henry Martín and Sebastián Córdova with Mexico; Richard Sánchez, with Paraguay; and Roger Martínez, with Colombia. Santiago Solari knows that he will have to do without most of them against San Luis to recover them physically.

After years of waste, of murdering his fat cows of finances, Santiago the ‘Indiecito’ Solari has nothing left but to try to milk the flaccid and almost sterile udders of these skinny cows. For this reason, with what he has, which is little, he has decided to play ugly, boring, but with precision, efficiency and getting the results that the lineage of a team demands that has chosen to live with absolute contempt among the other 17 soccer nations of Mexico.

Would Solari want to play better, more offensive, more spectacular? Surely. Unless in the texts that he once wrote for Spanish and Argentine media, there is a capital hypocrisy, the ‘Indiecito’ likes the exquisiteness in soccer, the respect for the essence of the game.

However, the Brazilians would say, in the absence of a dog, he has to go hunting with cats. And it has managed to get some of them to remove their claws. Two palpable samples are Salvador Reyes and Mauro Lainez, the first turned into the best Mexican player on the left, and the second, with an unsuspected daring, as in the second goal against Pumas, to control the score, after the other goal by Richard Sánchez for 1-0.

Without the wealth of options in rotations that, for example, Cruz Azul has, the FIFA Dates, injuries and punishments, they do put America to capsize, but the resource of a compact, solid, caked game, allows Solari to avoid many of complications.

However, the closing of the tournament still holds surprises for Solari and his team, especially, I insist, for a club that has made bravado and bravado, its filthy and annoying style of handling public relations.

In addition to the October FIFA Date, America will have frequent ambushes. You should visit San Luis, to immediately see surely the best version of these sad Tigres de Miguel Herrera, in the most morbid duel in this tournament. But, it does not stop there, because on Date 16 he will have to face Cruz Azul.

And among all this jumble, América will have a double match against Rayados, first on October 28 in Monterrey, in the Final of the Concachampions, just before facing La Maquina.

Afterwards, he will close the tournament in its regular phase on November 6 against Javier Aguirre’s team, who, as is already known, was the number one candidate before Solari arrived, but got tired of waiting for the departure of ‘Piojo’ Herrera, and that is why he signed with Rayados.

More complications? At the end of the tournament comes the FIFA Date of November. Again, America will have to give up at least six players to different national teams, and waiting to see in what conditions they return for the Liguilla, especially when they have a short squad, and on the bench they find very expensive disappointments such as Nico Benedetti and Roger Martínez While in the laminating and painting workshop, there is not much hope with Leo Suárez and Renato Ibarra.

And even so, this unfortunate son of # ÓdiameMás has the luxury of being a boring leader, of confirming that with little, without his maximum expression, he is enough to command a tournament in which aberrations are his protagonists, week by week. At least, the promise for Solari is that if the team is champion, the pair of players that he has asked for and who play in Europe will arrive.