America: Fernando Ortiz assures that he found a group emotionally damaged after the departure of Santiago Solari

Fernando Ortiz has managed to raise the spirits of the América players to pick up the bad tournament they had with Solari.

Ferdinand Ortiz came to the helm of America on March 4 to fill the place left vacant Santiago Solariat that time, the eagles added only 6 points and were one of the defenses with the most goals in the present Closing Tournament 2022numbers that had plunged the American team into a major depression, so their first task was to mentally recover the players.

“Sportingly, they are very talented, what they had was a low mood and I always told them, from the first moment I arrived. The hierarchy and the players of the category of this club is very important and they have never stopped having quality , even the same group was super leader last tournament, that means that the material was present. The important thing was to be able to get out of the situation in which they came at that time with Santiago, after all they have been virtues of themselves, us As a coaching staff we gave them that emotional boost for which today they are experiencing a different situation than the one they had when I had to take over.”

Ferdinand Ortiz has changed the face America and proof of this is that the eagles have won 10 of the 15 points they have played under the command of “Tano”. The Águilas coach is happy with the response that the footballers have had on the pitch and assured that a large part of his success has been to regain the confidence of the Azulcremas players.

“I think that the individual player always needs that support from the human side, because in reality we are all human, this does not stop being a sport, and as I always tell them, it is the sport that they did since they were children, they must stop playing aside the pressure that exists in this profession and that they do what they did when they were little when they enjoyed the ball. I like to talk, I like to get closer, because that is also what the trust that can be generated between them and the coaching staff is about. Obviously that later as a coach I have to make decisions for which it is normal that sometimes there is anger, but they know that anger they have to show me in the training sessions of the week so that they can be on the field of play, the truth is that we have done a pretty good job and it has been reflected as the dates have passed.”

Several of the elements of the Americanist squad have recovered their best version under the command of Ferdinand Ortizalthough there are others like Jonathan Dos Santos who are still in the process of showing their best level with the jersey of the America.

“Of Jonathan I always have admiration day by day of how he trains, I always have a back and forth talk with him, because I consider that he is an excellent person, later, in sports he knows perfectly well that he has to train day by day to be able to earn a place within the 11. Today the team is working well, for which they understand that they must be prepared and trained to know how to wait for their opportunity and by this I mean whether it is Jonathan or whoever, here the important thing is that they must be available when the coach needs to use them and that satisfies me a lot as a coach, because if I need them for a minute or 10 minutes, they respond in the same way as if they had been as starters.” The express Ferdinand Ortiz in chat with ESPN.

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America: Fernando Ortiz assures that he found a group emotionally damaged after the departure of Santiago Solari