Ambriz: “Now the team plays with more intensity, with a good spark”

Mexican coach Nacho Ambriz is satisfied with the evolution of his squad at Huesca, where they are adapting to his system

Ignacio Ambriz, coach of the Sociedad Deportiva Huesca, of the second division of Spanish football, sees with good eyes the evolution that his team is taking little by little and highlighted at a press conference that he sees it “with more intensity” and “with a good spark” after the regional rivalry game that he played last week against Real Zaragoza.

The team has life, it is confident and it shows me that whoever I decide to put in is going to do it in the best way. We are going to recover that good football from the beginning, to play a complete game against a team like Girona that plays football very well.“, has indicated in the previous one of the party in front of the Catalan team.

For this match Ambriz may have to touch up the lines because some players such as central defender Jorge Pulido and midfielder Jaime Seoane have been touched.

“We have tried a plan A and a plan B just in case we have to use one or the other depending on the players that are touched and we will see if they can arrive in good condition to this match. We will also have to think about the matches so often that we have We are not going to lose players by wanting to force them “, the Mexican coach has valued.

Where he is having the most problems when defining a line of play is in the center of the field since he explained that it had been difficult for him to find “the best” in the center of the field, and that now he is seeing that there is “better understanding “but there is still a little more to find the best partner.

The match against Girona is presented as an emergency meeting for both teams: “now the two teams are not in the highest part, so it will be a difficult game, but I always prepare them to go to win and I also see my team with spark and enthusiasm. As we already grew in intensity in the last game, now we need to move the ball with more speed and know what we have to do at all times. “

Regarding Girona, the Barça team coach has highlighted the offensive power it has since “from midfield forward it has good players, they go well on the inside and they are good set pieces so it will have to be taken into account”, he analyzed. .