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The former national team and now soccer coach, Amado Guevara, defended Andy Najar for his absence in the call for the Honduras National Team.

Najar’s refusal not to appear at the call of the H, brought with it many controversies. However, it was clarified that this decision went through a health issue and a contract stipulated with the MLS DC United: eLet’s say that his continuity in the team depends on his performance and he could not risk injury.

“I see him as a responsible player, because if I don’t feel good, I’d better not come. You have to come to the national team at two hundred percent,” Amado Guevara said in his speech during the live broadcast on Diez TV.

“Everyone knows what Andy Najar meant in the national team because of his quality, today that he is not here, it will be a sensitive loss. It surprises me, I am one of those who goes to war with the best weapons. We know what he has done. meaning for this process. Not seeing him surprises me, he will be greatly missed and Honduras will resent it, “he added.

The truth is that the Honduran Federation was already aware of the footballer’s desire not to be taken into account, a decision that was not communicated to Hernán Gómez and that later sparked controversy.

The South American coach He called it “I do not force anyone to come to the national team … whoever loves the national team wants the country.”

Guevara He replied that “I do not share that. With all due respect, the teacher was wrong, he cannot expose a player and even less one of our ambassadors.”

The journalist Jenny Fernández seconded the Motagua idol, emphasizing that “the National Football Federation is lousy, then they accuse the players of why they do not want to come to the national team or ensure the future with their clubs for putting on the national team’s jersey.”

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And he closed “Pésimo de Bolillo Gómez, if he did not have all the information, he should not have referred to that way because you are exposing a player that tomorrow is going to put your chest on the field. In the six eliminatory games He is the one who you can least blame for something, the other is ‘Buba’ López. This year DC United gave him a conditional contract. The one who loses is the footballer; he has come and responded. “


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Amado Guevara supports Andy Najar’s decision not to attend the Honduran national team call – Diez – Diario Deportivo