Amado Guevara raises his voice: “Six defeats and a tie playing at home is unfortunate; It is one of the saddest cycles in a tie”


Beloved Guevara is an authorized voice to speak of the Honduran national team. The now panelist from DIEZ analyzed what was the role of the “H” in the tie and more than anything in the game against Mexicowhich was lost 0-1.

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For the former midfielder of the Honduran squad and, by the way, who wore the captain’s badge for more than a decade, it is sad to see Honduras as the last place in the contest.

There is sadness, but the ‘wolf’ washes his face, gets up and glimpses the future of the Honduran national teamwhom he sees with good players, but asks to work hand in hand with the boys to be strong.

🚨The coach of Honduras, Hernán “Bolillo” Gómez, is honest after a new defeat in the qualifiers: “I feel terrible; Not winning at home is a record and it worries me, makes me angry and sad”.

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Sports Diary Ten on
Sunday, March 27, 2022


Sadness for the result: “Sad, today our team closes one of the saddest cycles in a tie and especially playing at home. Everything has to help us think about the future, think about the best and find a way out of this. Six defeats and a tie playing at home is unfortunate”.

The Honduran game: “The coaching staff repeated the system, two variants were made, the case of Romell Quioto due to an emergency and that of Alfredo Mejía who entered for Delgado, but today, unlike what happened against Panama, I saw a very timid Honduras, not the I looked with the desire to go out and seek victory. I didn’t understand what the idea was, if it was to try to prevent Mexico from hitting us or definitely what was wanted. I thought that this Honduras could be another, with more pride and close the tie with dignity. I looked at them doubting and thinking that we couldn’t win when we could beat this Mexico that raises a lot of doubts, but I think it wasn’t the slogan or the mentality of the team today”.

The base of Honduras is from the league, is it a problem?: “There are two important things. First of all, it is known that Honduras is going to place its players in important leagues through selection, but if the selection obtains these results, how will the players fare? It is very difficult for the league and the teams to get players, it is difficult for them to observe them. There are many things to analyze, the league, the local team. And now the Nations Cup is coming and we have to prepare the boys well, we have to give them time to work”.

More from the game against Mexico: “Honduras repeated with three mixed in the midfield, Alfredo is the most defensive of the three, hence Arriaga and Acosta who are more mixed and have facilities to reach the attack but that is my question, why didn’t that attack exist? If they see the 90 minutes, there are two frame shots, little attack. Those societies did not exist, Decas and Santos are more defensive but the others had to be released. There was no attacking volume, I want to know what was the indication for this match. It generates doubts and discomfort in me because Honduras has players to give more”.

Mention footballers for the future: “Honduras has the material to face any team well, especially playing at home, but that means knowing what the teacher wants. There are high-quality players like Edwin Rodríguez, who for me in the future will have to be in charge of managing this team, Kervin Arriaga himself and Bryan Acosta who can still play in the other round, Sacaza today against a rival like Mexico showed interesting stuff and also Kevin Lopez. You have to propose and generate ideas and have variants.”

Honduras has a future: “In the framework I think we are fine, the central defenders are young and others can be incorporated, in the middle Kervin Arriaga and Edwin Rodríguez is a reality, the Sacaza thing can also be a reality. Honduras does not stop producing good players. The community does not leave. We close a cycle as last. There are no positions to climb and it is a pity that Honduras closes like this”.

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Amado Guevara raises his voice: “Six defeats and a tie playing at home is unfortunate; It is one of the saddest cycles in a tie”