Amado Guevara affirms that there is no other forward like Quioto in the ‘H’ and reveals what his trident would be like – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Amado Guevara analyzed in Diez TV the present of the Honduras national team ahead of the triple date of the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022 that will resume this next week.

The Concacaf Playoffs standings

The ‘Wolf’ did not hide his concern about the possible loss of Romell quioto after suffering discomfort in his last match with CF Montreal and assured that given the need for a ‘9’, due to the failure to call Antony lozano, look favorably to use He is in that position.

Quioto would miss the duels against Costa Rica, Mexico and Jamaica

” The injuries of the players worry, this is becoming repetitive. We are with that uncertainty, what will happen to Quioto, it is a delicate situation for the National Team. Quioto is a benchmark in the attack and seeing that we cannot count on him, that worries a lot. ”

Quioto came ‘on fire’

” It has evolved game by game and had found the goal. Quioto is a more assisting player, but he had found the goal and today we return to the same. The correct thing to do is to follow the normal procedure for your recovery. He has already answered the call and now the medical body will have to determine what condition he is in … if it will be the same injury or a new one. ”

There is no other forward like Quioto in the National Team

” I know what he is, he is a player with a lot of commitment, he pushes the group, he always wants to be there, he fights, it is important to keep him, but it hits us a lot that Quioto is not in perfect condition. Today Romell had a spectacular moment, with minutes and goals. His contribution was going to be important, the characteristics of a player like Quioto I do not see in another, for me it is a great loss and replacing him with someone similar there is not. It has a different quality. ”

Ángel Tejeda’s reaction after being summoned to the ‘H’

Elis doesn’t reach a hundred either

” We are clear, the playing time is very short due to his injury in the Gold Cup. Alberth is a special player, the important thing is that he has already been taken into account, although it is true he only has 35 minutes (with Girondins), Alberth always transforms, he may not be in the rhythm we want, but he can have minutes of change and he can be a shock. ”

Elis playing as a center forward?

” I see Quioto more playing on the outside and from ‘9’ I see more of Elis, who I also like when he plays in that position. He is not unfamiliar with that position. He did it at Olympia and sometimes at the Houston Dynamo. ”

What would your trident be like in the National Team?

“I with all due respect to Fabián Coito and his coaching staff, if Quioto can play I would put him on the left, Elis on ‘9’ and Andy Najar on the right. So you have a good, different attack, with many varieties. Elis from ‘9’ would put it before the need, it’s not that it’s a ‘9’, we know that. ”