Almeria – Real Madrid live | LaLiga Santander, live today | Brand

Almeria – Real Madrid live

Sooooooo good afternoon. The defending champion starts its journey in The league with a visit to a newly promoted. The Almeria go back to First receiving the real Madridwho will wear on his sleeve the logo that distinguishes him as a champion and that he wants to start in the Power Horse Stadium the assault on his second consecutive trophy. those of Carlo Ancelottiwho come from winning on Wednesday the European Super Cupintend to start the season in the same spirit as the previous one, in which They were absolute dominators of the competition.

The whites arrive in Almería without Carvajal or Rodrygohits, and with Ancelotti’s ‘promise’ to make some change in the line-up compared to what was seen against Eintracht Frankfurtso we can see today on the green one of the white signings… or both: Rudiger and Tchouameni. We’ll see what eleven gets the technician in Italian and if players whose future is still in question participate as Marco Asensio or Dani Ceballos.

Almería will be able to count on Umar Sadikfrom which it is expected to come out this summer for a record number of €30 millionbut at the moment he is still under the orders of Ruby and that will be the great threat for the Madrid team tonight. Many things to see in the new Almeria FirstI really want to see how does this club workand your project in the highest category of professional football.

We have data, we have a lot to read and a lot to comment on what we expect from these two teams today and throughout the season, so we don’t wait any longer and we open the BRAND so that we can all experience the best football together. Take something from the fridge, which we invite, and we will talk about football for a long time. Arrrrrrrancamoooooooos.

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Almeria – Real Madrid live | LaLiga Santander, live today | Brand