Alexis Vega scores a great goal and shows that he wants to continue in Chivas

When celebrating his score, the forward made signs that he is staying with the rojiblanco team while kissing the shield

GUADALAJARA – The attacker of Chivas, Alexis vega, scored the third goal of the game against Mazatlan in the rojiblanco’s debut in the Clausura 2022. Vega He took advantage of the celebration of his free kick score to send a clear message to the Guadalajara fans, by signaling that he is staying at the institution.

During the celebration, the Chivas attacker headed for the corner kick, kissed the shield, while repeatedly mentioning: ‘I’m staying here’ while taking his shirt.

After the celebration, the rojiblanca fans echoed on social networks the pleasure generated by the signal that the bronze medalist sent them in Tokyo 20202

Nowadays, Alexis vega has a one-year contract with him Guadalajara, which is why the directive of Chivas It offers him a renewal with a considerable salary increase, however, the player has not reached an agreement with the leadership to ensure his continuity in the institution.

In past days, Marcelo Michel Leaño recognized that the directive of Chivas he is making an important effort to renew the footballer, since he is convinced that he wants to remain in the institution.

“Alexis is very focused, Alexis wants to stay in the GuadalajaraHe wants to make history, be a champion here, play a World Cup. He told me, he proves it. I know that they are making a significant effort to renew it and I am sure that an agreement will be reached in the coming weeks. He has one year left on his contract and he is very focused on making history here, that’s why we are working ”, he said. Leaño.


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Alexis Vega scores a great goal and shows that he wants to continue in Chivas