Alert in Boca Juniors: Battaglia suspended the press conference and Riquelme met with the Council in the Bombonera

After a new tie of Boca JuniorsSebastian Battaglia decided to suspend the press conference. As reported in ESPNthe coach xeneize ended up very upset with the image that his team showed in the equality 1-1 against Godoy Cruz for date 11 of the League Cup. To the weak collective performance, a surprising streak was added: the Xeneize He has not yet won this year at the Bombonera and accumulates five games without adding three in their stadium with four draws and one defeat.

Despite his own anger and that of the fans, and especially because of the rumors that have spread, the 41-year-old coach has no plans to resign. “I’m not going to lie, I just didn’t feel like talking,” He clarified via text message Sebastian Battaglia to Turkish Alalufjournalist supporter of mouth show for Radio Splendid. In addition, they reported that the DT did not communicate anything about it to the players and everyone is called for training this Thursday afternoon in the property that Boca Juniors owns in Ezeiza.

Likewise, Juan Roman Riquelmeat the end of the meeting, met with members of the Council of Soccer in one of the offices of the Bombonera. It is very likely that before today’s practice, part of the leadership leadership and the coaching staff will meet, as they often do after games, to analyze the team’s performance.

It is clear that Boca Juniors is not going through its best moment, although it is still in the qualifying zone for the League Cup quarterfinals. At halftime, you could see the fury of Darío Benedetto and Marcos Rojo, two of the team captains, with the rest of their teammates due to the lack of concentration in Godoy Cruz’s equalizer, shortly after Pipa’s goal. “There were five minutes left, we are some pel…”, the striker can be heard xeneizewho, like the defender, covered his mouth to prevent the message from getting out.

Javier García ended up being one of the figures with, at least, three clear covered goals. At the time of preparation, Sebastián Battaglia’s team was erratic and the middle disconnected with the double nine plus Sebastián Villa on offense. Juan Ramírez had some bursts of speed, but they were quickly controlled with tactical fouls from Godoy Cruz. In the complement, gestures similar to those of Rojo and Benedetto were not perceived, but the team did keep its worst side and Tomba had three more chances, which the experienced goalkeeper was able to deflect.

And precisely, Javier García, chosen as the figure of the party, spoke with total frankness and was very self-critical: “You never want to be the figure, we have to be self-critical and start winning at home. We know that We players are not doing well and we have to start to overcome this… Our ambition is to go looking for him, we are at home, we have to win, we have to do things well, everyone has to do their job. The opponents also play, they propose their approach to us, they know us, so let’s hope to do better next time”, he acknowledged.

When asked about the coach, García supported Battaglia: “You (journalists) put the criticism, we do not question what the DT does, on the contrary we have to respond and be self-critical, we know that at times in the game we are not doing it well, sometimes it is done well like the other day against Lanús and they draw us again quickly and others not. We are the players who have to be self-critical, the criticism towards Battaglia is made by you, who have a lot of opinions. We do not have an opinion inside Battaglia’s locker room”.


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Alert in Boca Juniors: Battaglia suspended the press conference and Riquelme met with the Council in the Bombonera