Alberth Elis: ‘If we win at home and add abroad, the numbers will give you to go to the World Cup’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Alberth elis is the great low of Honduras to face the start of the World Cup qualifying rounds Qatar 2022. The selected catracho, who just signed for the Bordeaux from France, is recovering from his injury, which he suffered with the “H” in gold Cup.

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The former Boavista striker from Portugal, spoke with TEN from Bordeaux, France, and appreciated the beginning of this path that will lead to FIFA World Cup of the next year. Elis assures that Honduras must score points as a visitor.

“The first thing is to try not to lose points at home, it is the most important thing, and it is good to win at home and every point away counts, but to gain the three points at home and then look for points abroad. I am not going to tell you a number. of points, but if we do it like that, if we win at home and add abroad, the numbers will give you to go to the World Cup, “he says frankly.

Asked about who he sees as his substitute before Canada, The Savior and USA, with the humility that characterizes him, ensures that no footballer is indispensable in the team he directs Fabian Coito.

“Not as my substitute because there are no essentials in football, when one is not there there are others who can do it and everything is the same or better. Professor Coito will say who will be there, but I think there are very good players who they have the ability and they have shown it already in the league or abroad. Whoever plays, do it well and that the important thing is that the national team can score points and thus start this route to Qatar in the best way, “he says.

Alberth elis, who in two weeks will join his teammates to play football with the club of the League 1 from France, argues that he hopes to be with Honduras in the October dates. “First of all, God, let’s hope so, that everything goes well and that we can be 100% by October.”


Alberth elis says he maintains communication with Romell quioto, from whom he hopes to continue showing his good level in this beginning of the tie. “We all know the level that Quioto has, he is a great player and we hope he can do things well as he has been doing in the national team, I have no doubt that he will show it in these games with the national team.”

He has conversations with his selection friends. “I always communicate with him, with Choco, with Jonathan Rubio, everyone is motivated to start and do things well. They are not going to be easy games, there is a good team and like all strikers we hope to score goals in these types of games” .

Finally, in the talk with DIEZ, he acknowledges that: “I have been able to speak with professor Coito and with physical trainer Sebastián Urrutia. I always inform them of how my recovery is going.”