Agüero changes his ‘look’ and ends up trolled by FC Barcelona

The Kun Aguero has returned to monopolize all the spotlights one more day. The Argentine star has surprised his almost 20 million Instagram followers with a live video with his hairdresser, asking his fans what should be done, and one of the most acclaimed cuts has been “shaved”, so Kun himself wanted to share afterwards a survey in which he asked if he had to shave himself.

A survey in which the “yes” has been superimposed on the “no”. That is why the forward has kept his word, and after a while he has published a photograph with shaved hair, which has unleashed thousands of reactions. “What’s up peeled”, Agüero himself has written in the footer of his publication.

The Argentine has broadcast his haircut live, where he has not stopped making jokes about whether they will say something to him on the pitch because of his shaved hair. “Now I’m going to head better”, the footballer himself has confessed between jokes.

Has received a multitude of comments

On the other hand, the post has been quickly filled with comments and responses, with two trolleys, including his own FC Barcelona, who has joked with the new ‘look’ of his forward, comparing him with another former player very close to Agüero: “Is it you, Mascherano?”.


Capture of the FC Barcelona commentary.Instagram (@kunaguero)

They were not the only ones to comment on him, because during the live teammates also took advantage of his to trolle him, such as Nicolás Otamendi: “Please tell him to glue your hair”. In addition, many of his fans have also compared him to other great soccer figures, such as “Guardiola” and “Iniesta”.

A ‘look’ that he already wore in his past

It is not the first time that the FC Barcelona striker shaves his head, since in his beginnings in the world of football, in Independent, Agüero was already seen with this ‘look’ in a preseason match against Boca Juniors in 2004.